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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Rocker named Dub


Hi dare all you fellow MUSIC LOVERS, what's up? check out this clip from DubFX, NOW that is what I call Creative to the edge, see he and flower fairy were in Christchurch recently...notorious. Did you go to Splore in Tapapakanga? (say that three times over!...and you'll have your first lay down trac for a beat fx dub haha..har d har har..haha) yawn..bit late here, just after midnight...and a new day, a new day!...not yet, that would be sunrise in YOUR eyes, seaspray on YOUR breath, Dolphins in your Dreams and Love in your Seams.....Love Someone...check it out and comment,
Love the bodhitorqueman

thanks to Lincoln Park Zoo for Kereru image

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