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Monday, April 4, 2011

Raw Revolution


Hey Bodhi Lovers, it's Stephen from the Chronicles of the Bodhiman, well just had a Kale Salad tonight for dinner...nice!!..raw and mostly organic, recipe courtesy of rawsacremento
Yeah twas awesome, what did you have for dinner?
What else, dug out an old speaker project yesterday and got to it this afternoon after a 80% raw breakfast smoothie which Caroline shouted me...Yumm!... from Huckleberry Farm here in Greenlane, Akld. I just emailed Vitasoy to see if any of their range is raw, as the other component or 20% was the protein enriched rice milk....keep you posted on their feedback.
I gave Caroline a nice card and a yummy organic raw zest flavoured heart, she thought it was a bit strong...yeah!..the upside was I got to eat half of it, I had a peppermint one yesterday, this one was way better!! I purchased from Ceres in Ellerslie, and noticed the brand was Natures gold...sure was, I think it is really worth being the 'Rocky of raw food' and goin for a 'live-it' approach to life, loose the diet and thrive, over 7 million searches have been done on 'raw kale recipes' well blessings to you...have a great night!
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