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Monday, April 4, 2011

Inside each of us


A brilliance a distance no longer as you envelope the ONE you become the one and All is free to be beside thee

Shining like a temple is your crown chakra, divine is your birthright,this IS the place to design your life from, even Jesus came to oneness at one point or a rather, you know what I mean.
develop a sense of kindness, this is your most humble nature, gifted are those that come to me in this sense, I have One thing to say LOve life and live it to the fullest, haha this is not for You for you ARE LIFE, that is the genuine reason for being here, to create from here is the LIFE you are bestowed, genuine in fact is your reason to BE HERE, to enlighten and subdue human nature ONE LOVE is ALL you NEED to be decreed a MAN or A WOMAN for better reason or judgement, we are not ONE but many, thereafter there will BE a RAFT, a time shift in the continuum that helps many get over the hurdles they (I)one needs 2, etc as divine comes many will come and you WILL KNOW what I mean and say as ONE, ALL is ONE REmember this and YOU wILL do WELL by me AND EVERY body

Posted by that which I AM Stephen John Busch, 5:35 PM


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