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Monday, April 4, 2011

In Light of Reason


All come to me at ONE stage, it matters not when, for ALL is LOVE and forgiveness is HERE ALWAYS, now begin again, what were you saying about LOVE, LOVE FREES, does it? A revelation or two would BE KNOWN, would you listen or wood YOU glisten, I stock your barrel but you shoot no longer, not a parady but a paragon of virtue that's what you need to BE, yet you speak of forgiveness and LOVE. Dramatic envelopment comes when you give to me the divine energy in all that you DO, not only ONE thing but ALL things, then THE light will SHINE through you and BE a beacon to ALL, each time your heart opens others will come and sit with you some will not leave and BE the EPITOMY of your BEING, the LOVE in YOU is A REFLECTION of this. INFLECTION is the opposite of THIS a code of WEllbeing that is BROUGHT on by an adjustment, to accord to ONEself so to speak, ANGELS will come and listen some , YET ARE they THERE for YOU I mean when YOU need them, I AM ALWAYS present, that is the gift to you AND your BEING WILL follow, or will IT, haha this is the parady, FREE will, free CHOICE, free WillY, Free your Spirit.
When your spirit is set free isn't that the GREATEST feeling, yet is it congruently free? sit beside ME, I WILL REVEAL ALL
Options, we ALL have OPTIONS,,,, Sno it PO..haha swat you get if ONE reverses the WORD...are there chakras in your body? energy centers that turn in a particular direction and organise your body mind and spirit? Radically I would empower you from here yet YOU DO not need it, employ yourself, this is ALL I would say, doing is lack of ACTION in reverse, KNOWING is LOving ACTION beforeHand.
The BETTERment of ALL, LOVE in ESSENSE: sometimes I do not know what to do either, like a human I am one, yet coming to you is completely foriegn to me, to say the least I am scared, yet I am here, once upon a time I did not trust you, yet now I do, I would go anywhere with you, you are essentially YOURself IN reverse, essence in LOV..haha, so unless we're in LOVE we're fucked UP you mean, fucked up in love ...would make a good song....how long could I TORQUE, how long COULD I MAKE this post...claim YOUR power set YOURSELF FREE, LOVE FREES and so DO YOU cause you are love and LOVE is your ESSENCE...remember WHERE you read it first, THAT woulkd have to BE your HEART would it not BE for ME ,the DIVINE energy, ONE LOVE, ONE heart STEPHEN
the bodhi torque man tadah haha...that's great, I can even make my self laugh,..now if I can get...can get...what do you NEED get IF ALL is ONE there IS just FUN and FREEDOM will follow...do YOU get IT...don't worry there's 365 days in a year, free your days, free you MIND, I don't MIND it's ALL SUBLIME..hahaspeaking of sublime...naughty naughty had a lIME thickshake last night and feels still withme this morning...I'm lovin IT...noisy...BE who YOU are
love STEphen
ALL is love and ALL is REAL and in NEED of your love and freedom will result
Open Dialogue:
who would like to speak: Aunty Gladdy:
Long time I have waited to come and see you like this, always I am here loving you and supporting you, Aunty Hazel does need your support , yet she will not kneel before christ, christ knows what to do and you will too, I go now, others wish to speak
Craig: where are you...crying, I'm goin for a ski that'll set me free, Caroline worst enemy worst friend i know let go, be her or see her as one and go and do what you love! this is all I have to say
Dance in the fragrance of the moon...zat you Caroline...hhhmmm gettin horny now ...you smokin hot man you, dance with me I will love you all the more and forget about your troubles worries never leave you they just precede , do you want to be here ..no..then LET go (laughter)
Uncle Eric..Hi...hi Eric..how have you been?...not that well...Why? can't get work..STAND ..and you will get work..attah boy
Grandad: I am a man just like you ..and made mistakes just like you...take my hand, I will lead you some over the hills went big balls pete 50 pounds of shredded meat is that you...I'm crying touching to be able to talk with you's, where always here you KNOw that..the year of the cat what are you gonna do with that...Aunty Gladdy I know that's you...mmm hadn't thought yet Tiger sound could be an opportunity..walk with me (grandad)...haha this is just like real life you listen to your rellys then you go off and do your own thing anyway, not really as that LOVE has been shared and is always there to draw from and enrich your life UNCONDITIONAL love...ahhh a blissful..yet that is a topic for the tropics in YOU till next time
the bodhitorqueman
love in essence

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