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Monday, April 4, 2011

Experience the Divine


Experience the Divine

The Divine of your being is ready to speak wil you listen or will you glisten, it is always up to you and as I said YOU ARE LOVE IN ESSENCE.
So here goes a discourse of my being, once upon a time, there was a man, he knew not what to do, so he created a website body torque personal training or bodhi torque just for you and me the divine energy which is YOU love in essence
Harmony is a realisation of self, well at present, well more accurately over the last few days...
Actually this is how it started, I was sitting at the beach, Kohimarama in Auckland and it was a beautiful day, as are most when you are at the beach, I had all my stuff in my Van...anyway the point I was at was admiting honestly to myself...I don't know what to do...derr brain realing...cellls frying haha, an epiphany occurred. Louise Hay teaches write out your negative list and turn each statement into an affirmation of what you do want as if you are in essence there now...yeah that can work...yet my epiphany was reverse every word to discover: "I don't know what to do" boom became (boom came from the tele I can here in the background) reminded me of Bernsteins Bears a book I had the priviledge of reading to my kids, they loved the BOOM! and the BANG! and all the B words that popped up with each page turned while these bears rode around on bicycles, which reminds me a while ago I came up with a business or evolved one from Moving Sound to Cyclic Solutions "harmonise your being to enliven your essence" mmmm
We'' come back to that perhaps for a future discussion and perhaps an epiphany or two
No I think it has relevance now.
I was meditating a lot then and connecting with the divine that aspect of self that seemed to be All light and love and good feelings permeated my being...this is what I wanted to share with the world as I thought I had found god and that god was LOVE and lots of events in my life lead me to believe this was true, for instance I used to get hayfever and then one day I volunteered with family and friends to pick up Hay for my sisters horses I think? anyhow it was fun cause with the help of meditation and enlightenment, believing in yourself more than your circumstances, they were no longer my circumstances or my reality transformed to one of light and love, still doing the physical thing...nows the time to reconnect with my earlier story : "I don't know what to do" BOOM! well a slow perculating coffee more like it became...now this took a little while: "All do unknown nothing from sleep"
Awaken the Giant! was the Bang! that went off in my head or more so an of course or an epiphany!!
On my forty'th birthday a friend had given me a copy of Anthony Robbins 'Awaken the Giant Within" which I had read the first chapter or so and the last few pages which I gleaned 'Know that you are guided along a path of never-ending growth and learning (ok if you love learning and growing haha), and with it, the path of everlasting love'...also I picked up: live in an attitude of positive expectancy knowing that everything that happens in your life benefits you in some way...live in a state of positive EXPECTANCY, expect the best and you'll create and draw author your reality rising up to meet your bodhi torque body...yep that last bit I've just added now yet at the time I thought yeah that's all I need from this book, but I also remember Tony saying..Statistics show less than 10 percent of people who buy a book read past the first chapter...mmm well I didn't 'buy' the book twas a gift and the awakening I took from that beach...other than life is an ocean to swim in (Paul Hemara) was Read That Book ALL of IT and awaken the Giant from within.
Cheers for now
love Stephen the bodhitorque man

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