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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dialogue with the Infinite


Dialogue with the Infinite

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Hi there it's Stephen here had a glorious weekend, when I say that I mean end portion of the week. I went up to Zion and caught up with my son and the Cats and family there, Megan,Mum, and thoughts of Craig, nice to see all there also...go for a visit!...help them and help yourself, my brother and the many helpers and empowering support that dreams emulate formulated a vision in the form of a wild life sanctuary...Zion was to be it's name and a garden was to be it's place....Heavenly Paradise is the vision of Zion created through my brother, I love him much and wish him the best, my father,mother sister, brother...special parts of my life, so many to speak of so perhaps this will come to pass in these pages...on to business, my new name for business is blissness.

Well before travelling to Zion, I have been working my way...working..mmm...blissing..haha my way through "Awaken the Giant Within" respect! Anthony..Ali G would be proud!!

Thanks Renee for this book, proving to be very special, like it's giver
The section I was blissing through covered beliefs, empowering and disempowering, at first I wanted to stop reading as it was getting HARD, boohoo...haha...perserverance, or bissfulrising...why walk through the past?, why not?...everything we create becomes our past...we: you and the divine, so everything would be a divine creation
check this out!:
I believe it is never other people or 'out' there that all is within and what I see feel, and experience is a result of my self (divine self ego?..I believe ego is a term that promotes seperation from your grandness, from your LIGHT, your highest of the highest dreams, the tall poppy Syndrome is now BE a TALL poppy they are NEEDED and LOVED, colourful and embulent of someone who sticks there neck out...or "goes out on a limb" to quote someone close to me, shes a trojan for the best that can BE, and So it shall)
and my perceptions or lack thereof

I believe I can Change the world through changes in my self as what I perceive (haha...listen to this i before e except after c...haha, once you "perceive" i is I, e is ego and c is see, what a wonderful world it CAN be...your ego is NOW your Amigo and YOUR light, your expression, Your TRUTH CAN BE and so it is...you Tall poppy You! all because you learnt how to put e in front of i and EMPOWERed yourself to perceive your divinity....congrates)

as my world is really just that...(Justine...now there's an empowering person, she and her partner Al built a Earth brick home...awesome..hat's off to them for loving themselves this way...tall poppies!!)
a reflection of my innateness and transient condition, a fulfilling of my dream
the sunrise of meditation will reveal ALL to you
then you will come to be ONE always speak of it now your grand design is FOREVER. In the hearts of many you find yourself folding into ONE
Design your life as you would see it fit to live & you will not get there, you ARE LIFE, Live IT
Love life as an eternal essence and
you will be there, patient and
kind yet tempered
to the moment you are in.
B E L I E V E .

Namaste travellers, greetings and love from the BodhitorqueMan
Stephen xxoo have and enjoy a Blissful day!!

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