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Monday, April 4, 2011

Absence of Divine


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Tis in time I type these words to YOU for You are ONE with ALL, each one has a LIGHT glistening bright by the day you are night, let GO and BE Delight. Wrtters block, no missionary position ...hahaha, would like some of that (then get things soughted out is what I hear) yet. Today IS THE DAY, seize the day, mmm sounds a bit rough, I like to caress the day, play you may you will still come to me in the long run, who is me, thee, prove it, so your a voice in my head...aahhh but what? is IN MY head, and who's head is it anyway, begin again. Trouble with humans is they're not really mortal, more like a turtle...haha, why? they are dead just look at them loafing around like the bread on butter don't knowing which side there bread is buttered, so it is with the DIVINE...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh YOU ARE BACK and SO IT IS
SPEAK of it. YOU and ME are FREE to BE that which an individual would speak of, yet TOGETHER comes a fruition OF Dreams..DREAMS I SAY,,,YES!!! DREAMS!!! THE stuff THAT grabs you by the seams AND RIPS apart YOUR Heart...HEART IN abSOLute RAPTURE....cool SO I"M GONNA BE on AMERICAN IDOL!!! if you want to be YOU could BE, BELIEF

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