Let Love in Essence...

BE the Wind Beneath Your WINGS xxoo

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


What can I give to the world? ..
wHat IS 'the World'

Your circle of influence...no I don't think so, what I do within and what I am ..creates worlds ..beyond sky and thunder ..there are stars, musical guests to the art of your life...celestial magic...
You betcha
So what do you want to do is a better question, if you happened upon the instance 2 ask SUCh a Thing.
Torq more ..work less ..not at all

In fACT ..all is Well. Very very extraordinarily well in fact
Now how do you feel?
Is it real...what would make it real for you?
I am real ..and so it is
Is it fun, is it love, am I loved, am I being loving kind and courageous, bold and geniosity personified...right we had better make sOMe  changes then

..Love in essence
Act..and believe you can do it, on anything, this is the way, forthrightness
Wait and see ..you'll believe your magic abilities untold...go do these things..
You are loved eternally

Well...alrighty then..

Love Torq, the infinite lovewell, your welcome! 💖💗💕💝💓❤xxoo

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Amazing things U never thought of ... till nOw

.what is it u most want in the world
If know answer cums
Are u over substituting... Unsubscribe that for what you REALLY love...hey Presto your in passion...the fashioning of reality U REALLY really WaNt
Now is the time
Well , that's easy, let go know..do,
Be the flame, the point of attraction
Life is enigmatic enuff.. without the huff puff... Be what you wana BE ..now and all ways ..that's the stuff dreams are made of Believe..
.and Just Do it

Saturday, September 9, 2017


like the lemon drop
mellow yet not yellow
Yello your too serious sum thymes
light'n up
on all levels
jus DO WHAT U want
give what u want say what u want
do what the fuck
just be you 100 % unprroofed
and prove it
your ONE
love in essence
always in luv your bruv and all beings
da light PURE delite

Monday, June 19, 2017

Wealthy Love

Obviously wealthy love is healthy love, and hot love ,,,passionate love that has a feeling of limitless expanse in the all pervassive in loveness...and U are in the ultimate alchemism.

Yeah yeah ...whatever haha

In faith you are guided well, truth is you step beyond faith into presence and ACTivITy as direct'ness'simply by being wondUrful now...living out that which U would see and beyond to the unknown creativity and ergonomic diplexity of existential realty...read having a f#%king amazing passionate purpose to oneself and ultimate flow of creative endowments...and wowments haha

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Filaments of Transcendence

Once upon a time there was a young man in green ochre pants, he loved life ..and lived! It to the fullest, climbing mountains...living harmonious with nature , looking after his mother, and really loving life to the fullest. Distinguishing himself beyond expectation, yet never quite getting there,..until one day he saw a blue robin fly by..and suddenly he knew beyond the shadow of a doubt ...he was a lover of life ,,..through and through!! ...and that was all he had to do...yet he wanted more, he wanted results now...what sort of results he thought...the resultant vector of peculiar thinking,,..showmanship….nobullness haha or just simply a peculiar hat to wear...no he wanted the divine spirit within him to take charge...yet not ,, as that would allude to a separateness within him , a wholeness that wasn’t….the soul, just what is that ….terminology...is it real IS ‘it’...,,,information technology...information...to be in form at i-on ic level ...a chip from cyberdyne systems ...hasta la vista ...baby!!!! Noooo it is U in essence ..L O V E freedom and empowerment all wrapped in ONE aWEsOMe ‘package’....attraction market...elec-tron from the future...when all YOU need B...is nothing, what AM I sAY-ing...A OH AA OHH why u wanna GO aYYYEE oHHH haha…
BELIEVE IT ...and YOUR there

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Love in Essence appostlehood

anointed we stand , divided we fall
yet where do we fall...here and the now , so to fall is to in essence to rise
yet are we Fall'n or R we just HERE
YES to fall in love is the epitome of success
would you take that chance

that's to love, that is all you need, to say YES to LOVE now
and you will rise to be anointed with your friends and loved ones...as he is

what about the animals
glad u asked, they are anima ..with soul, humans R not, yet are loved all the same, as we rise...so do they
You see the difference
what is man here for,
You do
to reclaim his soul
how does he do that
to love
that simple
what is real unconditional love
love in essence
what is love in essence
the finding of oneself
in the self knowledge of I am love and always will be
what is the self
the soul
what is knowledge
the knowing of self as soul
what is the soul
oneself anointed ..as one
one what
one man one woman in love but not together apart forever until they realise what they R to be proceeded by
kindness first
passion second
favoured ness inbetween
you mean children yes
can you explain,
you are a man, how do you know
i have a dick
do you use it
not as much as I'd like to
go forth boldness has power magic and genius in it

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Magic muse

the poetry of kindness is unwritten