Let Love in Essence...

BE the Wind Beneath Your WINGS xxoo

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


What can I give to the world? ..
wHat IS 'the World'

Your circle of influence...no I don't think so, what I do within and what I am ..creates worlds ..beyond sky and thunder ..there are stars, musical guests to the art of your life...celestial magic...
You betcha
So what do you want to do is a better question, if you happened upon the instance 2 ask SUCh a Thing.
Torq more ..work less ..not at all

In fACT ..all is Well. Very very extraordinarily well in fact
Now how do you feel?
Is it real...what would make it real for you?
I am real ..and so it is
Is it fun, is it love, am I loved, am I being loving kind and courageous, bold and geniosity personified...right we had better make sOMe  changes then

..Love in essence
Act..and believe you can do it, on anything, this is the way, forthrightness
Wait and see ..you'll believe your magic abilities untold...go do these things..
You are loved eternally

Well...alrighty then..

Love Torq, the infinite lovewell, your welcome! 💖💗💕💝💓❤xxoo


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