Let Love in Essence...

BE the Wind Beneath Your WINGS xxoo

Monday, November 12, 2018

Love is the way

wHat...R U ..Lost.....GReat !
..Let's begin....but U never ended...what! ...yes...infinite...really...so I will not die...correct!
Will I be remembered ...for what?   ..4 the love I gave...or the love I am....both..
Omnipresence ...baby....that's the bling
Ka ching ...give me a ring...
Yes it's that simple...be wHat you wanna b...now and all ways 
That's the present....the gift Ed 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

All you need to know is at an end

What..end who said that..Horton? Haha perhaps it twas the wind in the willows ..a very dead willow at that...when it could be ball gowns and romeos if you get my drift...now answer the call....hello ..are we reaching...he keeps hanging up..instead of getting up and dancing to the beat of  his heart ...the Crystal dream in between here and now is thou...thou art well ..YES ...say it ...
I AM Well Beyond meaSURE ..and all is well around ME ...AND SO it IS
Hey presto...alacazamm...your the MAN ifesto de dream.. dream on.. live on to your best potential ..and NOW... Love it and live it through and through.. Zzanadu ...you can too haha...all's real that's real...re-member...your the ONE ..be the one 4 Fun...and have sUm...
Luv love luv
Stephen aka Torq
..the bodhitorque man xzooxhu😃💗💖😙

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


What can I give to the world? ..
wHat IS 'the World'

Your circle of influence...no I don't think so, what I do within and what I am ..creates worlds ..beyond sky and thunder ..there are stars, musical guests to the art of your life...celestial magic...
You betcha
So what do you want to do is a better question, if you happened upon the instance 2 ask SUCh a Thing.
Torq more ..work less ..not at all

In fACT ..all is Well. Very very extraordinarily well in fact
Now how do you feel?
Is it real...what would make it real for you?
I am real ..and so it is
Is it fun, is it love, am I loved, am I being loving kind and courageous, bold and geniosity personified...right we had better make sOMe  changes then

..Love in essence
Act..and believe you can do it, on anything, this is the way, forthrightness
Wait and see ..you'll believe your magic abilities untold...go do these things..
You are loved eternally

Well...alrighty then..

Love Torq, the infinite lovewell, your welcome! 💖💗💕💝💓❤xxoo

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Amazing things U never thought of ... till nOw

.what is it u most want in the world
If know answer cums
Are u over substituting... Unsubscribe that for what you REALLY love...hey Presto your in passion...the fashioning of reality U REALLY really WaNt
Now is the time
Well , that's easy, let go know..do,
Be the flame, the point of attraction
Life is enigmatic enuff.. without the huff puff... Be what you wana BE ..now and all ways ..that's the stuff dreams are made of Believe..
.and Just Do it