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Friday, March 17, 2017

Uber nice

Like fried rice, yet if you gonna be a raw foodie...yes U will b Uber nice is such ways as you can yet imagine,,,do it and c....hang on...I thought..or be it to c it ...believe it to be it, believe... 

Yes I be leaving now,,, the stairs are looking good, ...up or down...zero gravity , does it matter , and if one is matter incarnate...from what...love in essence ..perhaps, or is there some ding more .
one lives in the embodiment of the bodhi, so the vessel of life is population, 
abundance is a birth right, yes be cause UR born ,the one has a party within you goin on that perhaps yoU no nothing about, yes know this you are well beyond reasonable doubt and virtue.

Sinking into the obscurity, devoid of wisdom, he finds a condom ...what I don't wear those Jon don, jen es cest quoi, nest pah, or plant it deep and hard haha. when self belief slips away are you dead???
or zombosis has permeated...the cure.......seventeen seconds, is to get outside of time, of rush  of have to , of waywardness, this is the gift, your birth, eons may have past


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