Let Love in Essence...

BE the Wind Beneath Your WINGS xxoo

Saturday, November 5, 2016


What is it, where did it come from and who/whom has it, how would one come by it ...if so of one's choosing....and is it still love in essence..

Wow;; 😃😋😄 lot of quest-i-ons ....that's what eye like...a clear vision...ney ..a righteousness haha...
Independence is not a vertical analysis, it is action in means of the journey ..
Action creates independence.

What r u saying that faith and action , r independence...I guess your right, in U (love) ::) de (of) pendence (act-i-on...the free dick ti on offers slope and or inclination as a descriptor de meaning mmm...let's have another looookie said the Wookieepedia...
Origins: pendent, so the act of undecidedness, which in essence is another way of viewing an inclination....I'm in clined to agree, yet does it feel right...or is it left wing judgement bestowed upon thee as writeousness haha aft er all there is pen in there...jus need a pal 2 right too)

In summary music will save your ass, if you shake it,
Independence ⊙ shak'n your ass to the com-pass of love in essence...if that be yoUr in-ner slope and or INcliNATION

Sow inDEpendence... IS A WAY, there are infinite...yet love 're-mains trU 2 the course of SAIL set...so
choose your sails WELL mi amigos, ,,and breathe in the fire of earthly dust....and yee shall BE made in heaven


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