Let Love in Essence...

BE the Wind Beneath Your WINGS xxoo

Monday, June 13, 2016

Accessing the Infinite

Sure it's that easy ...we know..BUT ..what R U gonna do with it...??

Activate subliminal personalities, divine guidance systems....wouldn't you just have FUN with IT, knowing IT IS YOU in essence...love in essence....AND just HAVE FUN....

YES REAL FUN...the sTUFF that Makes U ...rollick with laughter, from a kind heart and PURPOSEFUL soul

So there it IS,,..laughter 101 ...the secret to sUccess ~ Michael J. Fox or was that Fantastic Mr. Fox ...in ACTUal fACT ~ Dr. Torq Lovewell

People come to me from all over the world and beyond, there vibration is ecstasy ..and I LOVE IT, so well that I AM THE ONE CREATING IT...and SO IT IS

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Torq Rises

Torq rises, from the deep of his soul, an avalanche of conscious awareness...the brotherhood of man seek to speak:
from a distance we can observe but only through your hand can we write ...
each time a vessel comes to us we unite in great glory for it is the beginning of mans conscious awareness growing more into what he thou is fully endowed with
Let's begin...trumpets blaze ...followers arrive by their droves....because you are sure of yourself,,,,ney ,,because U R the 'one'
Begin to c that!
And U will REALISE  your dreams,,,a whole lot better than when your on your own
Can you explain
Sure, it's like a car chasing a car, whether you pass or not ..there are still two cars...no oneness...yet if they work together ..like the fast and the furious...no like the diplomatic and the relational...
To what end...to make life better.
what do you want to do today?
Yes U do
Fuck some chicks!!
Begin...say it in your mind
I am fucking chicks I love ,,,and helping them access unlimited power and love, lightness in power ,,,,and all that is ...for the betterment of All
and so it is!!!
Doesn't quite sound right ...lightness in power??
a love you take lightly ...not getting hung up