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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ferrari feelings

I just got back from Milford mall as I stopped in for a sweet treat, ended up goin' to Beangrinders as they looked into their task, and had a Soy Mocha and a lovely ginger bikky.....I digress.

Ferrari, I had a close look at them in New Market, Continental Car's Showroom if I recall correctly, is your body a Ferrari? perhaps an SUV haha or heaven forbid a Tank haha...matters not, under your accessories or costume, as I've heard it put, you R U...and that is more special than any sports car...well maybe not any...haha joking!!

So what did you do today? I read some Facebook cause let's face it, without...haha your faceless, well bookless ah leave that what I mean is...yeah right oh , not everything need's a meaning....life is empty and meaningless, and it's empty and meaningless that it's empty and meaningless.  Waffle , well not really , their point was enlightenment exists in language or just beyond in fact, as if you forget about language and just listen,,,I guarantee ou can understand what is said in another language...it's conveyed from the heart and soul,,,and thus Universal to the eye's of the Beholder,,,you jus want to hold her!!! ..oh baby yeah, your right hold me tight ...don't let go 111 ...wait hang on a minute ...I can't breathe         !!! hahaha
Breathe easy brothers and sisters, natural timber is the way to go ..and grow, waffle waflle nooo , so Landmark, actually some really nice people, probably because the nature of education is supportive of your best,,,wait isn't that drawn forth from within....yeah but some people like to pull it outta yah...like it's them mission or God send....get a Ferrari ...fuck em all,  vanishing point, ha yes the point is vanishing, logged in to Zoosk and perused potential mates after looking at porn and thinking is this side tracking me from a real, fulfilling relationship, conclusion do both haha, bit of a clean up earlier on and a quick joint out to the beach as in Milford it's like a 100m down the road, well 200-250 , U can go 0-beach in under 20 sec

(like to post some pictures ..yet I'll come back and do) what else, the Hobbit, I dunno it's an O.k. film, Love and other Drugs was on last night, I really enjoy that type of movie..or do I??...movies are experiential...and that's how life ought to be Magical...yet gratefully after some lovemaking to images haha, I thought food!!!.haha BurgerKing for a Veggie Burger and I found a sense of peace...because I've jus decided to let go be me, how can you not be U, more jus be cool with whatever, relax, let go SERIOUSLY chill s'all gOOODDD...hahareminds me of Jason Bateman in ...you Know saying.."ggg goooddd jjj jjooobbb to Hicks, haha Hitch ...noooo HANCOCK, I know hand'n'cock haha...GOOODDD JOOBB STeve!!

So what have I learned ...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, which is awesome cause that's where the magic is ..IN the NOthingNESS ,,,jus ask Jim Carey ...YESman will be his answer Popper

Do you have a hometheater?, do you want one?, call me, check out Torque Bliss-Fi, I digress, better than regression,,or is it??

(Deep Breath...and again, it's like the Ocean really,,Billy Ocean ha.oh that's Billy Ray cCyrus...what about Miley,,,boy! does she gggettt some mileage  yeah fffuuuc wooah hah)

Actually there's a Brand call ed Cyrus, or Mission Cyrus to be exacting ha quite musical jus like the Cyrus's unless your born in the USA  a ehh Boss...baby we were born to run, or pedal...pedal to the medal.haha  vvvrrrrooooommmmmm, took some photo which I'll post...post e m or host em, did U ever c the movie Warm Bodies (warm bodhis haha) nah or R in fact...won't say any more except it's more bout the resurrectional, errectional haha power...or reality of love in essence.

vinyl rocks!!!!! cept on floors!!! vinyl sucks!!! haha perspective meets perception hello ..how's IT go'n..aint g'n any where nah awesome and U ...wicked love to ya man (expellation..deep) not too do deeeep.

Well tired of writing can eye spell dat haha

Love to yah, it's a magic world, used to have a cat called magic..now it's juis mad chic!! haha yet I lov it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dunno be you have blast
Stephen, aka ZTorq, the Bodhitorque man


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