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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Bodhi Torque man Passionart post's of the Portfollio

Well Bodhi Torque elite...happy Easter...Aaahhh what's UP Doc?..You are...Ascend to your loving birthright and have a rockin GGOOOOOD, I say GGGOOOOODD Easter, for just like Alice ...tis a WonderLAND..and it's ALL PLANed....Have FAITH..and Know that the Land U stand ON...IS the Land you play on ......So BE n Angel if you wanna BE...and know they R ALLways By yourSidE xxoo the Easter Bunny...and just like the Angels you can call on....so are the scrolls archived from the original tapestry of Bodhi Torque's Love in Essence.

Emit....Emet Fox, and all the stars will join us HERE 2 night ...to help U live in LOVE and transform to your funky ship..so U can shake and shape your world to the beat of your Heart
love, Love, LOVE
Stephen, the Easter Bunny,
aka the Bodhi 'Torq'ue man

Launch code T minus O,

It All Began in a funky little LuvSHAck, yeah LOVE shak Baby..

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Red sky at night, Shepards delight, red sky in the morning, shepherds warning, well twas a red sky this morning here in Aotearoa...New Zealand, the pink sky drew me to the arking light and blessing of that huge ball of fire...goodness gracious great balls of fire....rising higher....I reached for the ladder and headed for the roof top so I could appreciate the sun rising......rise and rise again.....until lambs become lions

Risk if you remember harking back to an earlier post (Yes Reloaded)...in the picture fronting this post...stated is 'Risk more than others think is safe'

My neighbour's son used to call me 'Sirk'...I always thought what does that me, 'Solu' is his name he would be perhaps 4 years old...

To touch risk with the fire of passion is to dispel the advent contemplation of such, as in earnest you are a risk, just as Solu said 'sirk' an anagram of 'risk' , yet wiser than that is this...confidence determines outcomes, boldness dispels myths and births legends, legacy states to err on the side of faith is to live your passion, to invite risk is the shepherds warning, red sky in the morning is god yawning dare she risk another day in your company....of course she thinketh differently....the light illuminates luminosity....do or do not, be or be not, yet the rainbow invites curiosity, synchronicity, Sydnicity, eXplicity THERE IS ONLY FREEDOM TO CHOOSE

There are NO RISKS, only freedoms, plainly put Risk implies lack of confidence, lack of trust in your ability, or simply a lack of research, foresight and practicality

It's funny you know, I have given that card because I liked it loved the colour, the boldness and the message, yet I wish you to see that YOu are your maker at that U are more than YOU know and if You do...then how could there BE risk??

Love and Light...let lambs become Lions
and Lions become lambs and your perceptions create receptions to your Love in Essence

So RISK it ALL go for Your wildest Dreams, beyond what even you can fathom, live in YOUR Imagination and make that your manifestation or simply live in the sublime reason and dance of the beautiful Soul that YOU are
Love Stephen
the bodhitorque man

Thanks Kevin Charnas for the image above, sea link below
and to Pantha for keeping this post warm till the sunrise appeared


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Monday, May 17, 2010


'Solution' ergo 'no-it-u-loS'

Los (Blake)

In the mythological writings of William Blake, Los is the fallen (earthly or human) form of Urthona, one of the four Zoas. He is referred to as the "eternal prophet" and creates the visionary city of Golgonooza. Los is regularly described as a smith, beating with his hammer on a forge, which is metaphorically connected to the beating of the human heart. The bellows of his forge are the human lungs. Los's emanation, Enitharmon, represents spiritual beauty and embodies pity, but at the same time creates the spatial aspect of the fallen world, weaving bodies for men and creating sexual strife through her insistence upon chastity.1 In the Book of Urizen Los and Enitharmon have the child Orc, who is the embodiment of the spirit of revolution. It is of interest to note that the name Los is, by common critical acceptance, an anagram of Sol, the term for the Sun. Such innovations are common in many of Blake's prophetic poems.


Blake attributed the origin of Los and many of his prophetic works to his home in Lambeth:2 "Los descended to me... trembling I stood... in the Vale of Lambeth; but he kissed me and wishd me health".3


Los is the divine aspect of the imagination. After he becomes more mechanical and regular in his actions, he falls and becomes part of the material world. In the fallen state, he becomes the creator of life and of organic systems. He also creates reproduction and the sexes, with his own partner Enitharmon soon after being created. He then creates consciousness through evolution, which leads to the creation of humans. Los is particularly focused on humans and he uses them to breed art and use their imaginations. Eventually, it is through the evolutions of the world that Orc is formed. Like Orc and Orc's cycles, Los is part of cycles as he tries to create the Golgonooza at the beginning of time and the image appears constantly in art. Los's imagination is also connected to the natural cycle, and art within the individual is developed through natural cycles. Art is mimetic of nature but order within nature. Los represents the progression through life to the conscious state.4
Reference: Wikipedia (see link below)

So there u have it from Blake, Wow also

...as I write this I hear the children from the Manurewa South School singing,,,Baby, baby...Justin Bieber's new song...they used to sing 'the Candy man can..cause he mix's it with love and makes the world go round...
mmmm....line of sight, level of service, length of stay, are all acronyms of los, across languages los ranges from meaning renown,reputation, to 'the', and loose, also 'elk' or moose to lottery ticket...haha (ref:Wiktionary)
also means 'praise' ..the biggest part of which is 'raise' hence I'll also include this link to los which appeared

Reise, Reise
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Los (song))

Reise, Reise (Translates into Arise, Arise.)1 is Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein's fourth studio album. It was released on 27 September 2004 in Germany and followed shortly by its release across Europe. It was released in North America on 16 November 2004. It was in the top ten in several European charts and a number one hit in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Iceland, Finland, Estonia and Mexico. As of February 2006, the album has shipped 1.5 million copies globally.2
As used in "Reise, Reise aufstehen! Kommt hoch nach alter Seemannsart", the album name is an old Low German sailor's expression to waken other sailors, hence the translation of the title would be "Arise, Arise", as seen in the song of the same name. Given Rammstein's propensity to use puns, a double meaning could well be intended, as the standard High German translation of "Reise" is "journey" or "travel".
Though written as a noun, "Reise" is obviously used as a verb in the song. The phrase "Reise, Reise" is used by seamen as a wake-up call and finds its roots in the Middle High German verb "risen", which meant "to rise" (to which it is obviously related as well). This verb has since died out in New High German, though the noun was retained and came to mean "journey" or "voyage". The verb "reisen" was rederived from the noun "Reise", but now means "to journey" or "to travel". It seems the old meaning has been preserved in this phrase in the seaman's language. 3

this is an interesting aside and directly linked to los on the web, possibly as one of the songs is titled such in which the meaning seems to be 'los': -less, But it also means "Go"

reminds me of Moby's song 'GO', check my previous post 'Yes Reloaded' for a link to that
less is more, more or less, everything in moderation, including moderation
Go Organic, Go Raw, ...and let the Sun Rise
have a passionate day, create and play
Love Stephen
the bodhitorque man


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Friday, May 14, 2010


I dream of a world where we all thrive, where people and families are united, conflict is a thing of the past, discoveries and remarkable occurances are the norm, children playing, the biggest of smiles bring happiness and joy to a land of prosperity and perfect peace. A beautiful place in the heart is open for all to enjoy. The quality of communication inherent within all beings openly enjoyed, passports to a life you love and the universe are given at birth , an open world without borders, boundaries or limits thrives for the betterment of all

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


One step for man...one giant leap for mankind, Altruism one small step for man...one giant leap for mankind, BEING is doing in reverse, being what you would become, just for fun try it you will see it come to fruition..Being is seeing your advance future before you have begun to realise it and in that moment you change the world you live in, from one that you love to one that you thrive in,
Being is seeing in advance of self to others needs, to the ones you love, discover for yourself the truth of this...each time you read. What do you get a picture, an image...Yes tis like this with being, one is one and two is two it as clear as that not timbucktoo but you too can do it too

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Awaken from your sleep he said, to what?...your natural essence...I doth not sleep..I peer into the window of time, the eternal sublime, engulfed by the fortitude of my measure..certainly unrivaled pleasure, a stream a flight a born delight, charismatic calling...raindrops falling, the snow covered peaks shall never see his forlorn shoes..but wait it will eventuate if YOU give positive intention to ALL that YOU do...See Do..or BE do, which would you come up with on your own, well of course on your own you have access to infinite intelligence....in a group of 2 or more energy becomes more expansive and intelligence is multiplied by resonant combinations...when drawn from LOVE...ahhh the group energy ...connection...excitement...acknowledgement, understanding, presence..influence...upliftment, humour...laughter...spiritual awareness and the Ghandi factor: UNITY
..."be the change YOU wish to Sea"
Look inside and see what YOU sea..ALL will BE free to step beside YOU uplift your natural presence, the hope of Love will be born within You and fragrent dreams realised before times end...
Interesting Time does not end for it never began...a set of constructs were put in place...with time at my side....I didn't even feel like getting up this morning...yet I did or the consciousness that motivates this womderous body had an intention and I thought..mmm sounds good!.....what about something bigger than yourself..mmm would have to be pretty big..haha..hence the Bodhitorque Man thrives
Well now that you are Awake...have a GREAT day and PROSPER

yours in LOVE as always are ALL WAYS
the Bodhitorque man

thanks to the creator of this image (above) sourced from bloodsox.blogspot link below and also the google link to image given as well below.
and thankYOU

http://bloodsox.blogspot.com/2008_09_01_archive.html [delete, change display name]
http://www.inhabitat.com/wp-content/uploads/unicorn-rainbow.jpg [delete, change display name]

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let your creative 'Genius' flow

Birth...what a miracle!!...ah ha we shall call him or her 'genius' and so it was! YOU were born into a world to share your very essence, your innocence, your vitality....yet does it have to be all love and sop, what about raw anger, e-motions, energy that elicits some sort of motion in your body, and vice versa. So what is the 'source' of emotion, your 'genius'....that's right...the genuineness of your motion...Given that you are here NOW all is WELL and THAT IN YOU is the very POTENTIAL and upliftment you need why would you ever BE down...
Genius...hello? where are you...you hooo...come out to play...I can't see you because I haven't been buffing the magic lamp long enough but!! NOW I AM.
Wax on Wax off, no not wac on Wac off..haha. So what is happening in your World today...is it a beautiful place, a place of your creation..elation and speculation or a playground for your dreams to unfold in...I found this little coffee shop that ...yeah I'd quite like a little shop, it was such FUN to be at the beach that day...feeling FREE as a bird ahhh summer, if your experiencing summer in your world...the cycles, seasons why have them, contrast!!! for what the picture so YOU get the BIG picture..IT's A DANCE, have you noticed the word Guidance...the biggest part being 'dance'so the dance of Nature is a gui-dance...talk about genius..ha wish I'd thought of that...Dance Dance Dance...Steve Miller...awesome song ahhh so IT'S A SONG and when sung in 'tune' can be beautiful...so tune to nature eat RAW and FLY, your RAWket ship is the beautiful biological emporium of your 'Soul' or genius within, worlds within worlds, you will discover where you are and who you are on the back of your hand, that's right your skin and what's within makes you WHOLe and complete yet not replete else we would not be torquing....replete to be replete with transcendancey...how you 'FEEL' is that the measure of success?...is 'IT' the measure of your 'SOUL'...Torque central to that axis of LOVE, re-member
LOVE is the only measure to treasure

Love Stephen
the Bodhitorque man

In all honesty I feel bankrupt, a bankrupt soul what do ya do, open the vault look a little deeper and you will find you shining out, glimmering with hope and treason to reason a little longer..until you find yourself sailing away on the wings of LOve

f#ck!! who said love had wings...ohh I did...have you seen those guys 'out' there para-sailing...awesome!!...oh sure there are some girls doin it ...super girls...check out Blythe Metz (Youtube)
sleep...zzzzzzz...Mum's day coming up here in NZ, is that a Global phenominum...ah yeah! I know I AM but I was Torquing..haha ....re-member there are no Mums without Dads...celebrate WHO YOU ARE, and give birth to ALL that YOU ARE and YOUR Genius WILL flow

love as always
the Bodhitorque man (aahhh there's two of me, tis why I'm a gemini, a gem and I, share your gems and you'll see me
here's my bank account no. 12 3031 0070080 00...YOU know what to do Show the Love haha)

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Quantum Field of 'Possibility'

Possibility prose for a man woes, gold for a man of treason, pleasure for a man of reason...and Love for the abundant soul that you are.
If You've ever followed the All Blacks you'll remember the trial teams...the 'possibles' and the 'probables'...clearly stating that possibility leads to probability.

And probability leads to certainty, and certainty is your natural essence shining with delight as you begin to LIVE your 'birthright'. Abundance and Fruition of your dreams.
Like gravity there is a certainty to nature, so guess what, align yourself with nature and a LOVE of All beings and you are on the path to certainty and you can't help but to your own and that of Universal success and Harmony...for in a B A L A N C E D World within worlds you are not only King but Co-ordinator, synergizing with the divine for the love of ALL for the betterment of All and for the realisation of all gifted sons and daughters, in essence ...that Which YOU ARE

Organically Yours
Love Stephen
the Bodhitorque man

Raw and lov'in it

love to iconka.com, for image above

http://iconka.com [delete, change display name]

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Friday, April 30, 2010


Amazing, is love skin deep, is love so deep, love in essence, mmm, I feel like I've overiden some of the majestic power of Love with ...I don't know what to say, yes that's it...to awaken to your natural presence, what is your natural essence, looking at the word essence, I've always thought of the word essence as pure, yet always can only describe alternate versions of your consciousness, cause always you are here but do you filter your experience or are you the filter for your experience, I hope not because filters filter, your pure essence is not worth filtering because it is you and in that purity there is nothing to filter this is your skin...a home for you. Yet why? ...miraculous, perhaps your skin is dying if so, why have it, do you want to die, it's interesting how die appears in various words like diet, diesel and that's all that I have on my word palete. Deathh aaarrhhhhh, what is it, even the word it, is a ti to some label, eisopes fabel, perhaps, will have to look that up, but when?? and so on 'it' goes...haha. Yet if you are Now fully present, what are you, a gift, or gifted, flowing. There is that saying that all rivers flow into the sea, all waters meat, or all waters meet ..haha, glorify your skin without the light of glory but genuine...haha what is genuine, leather?? skin...yes it's the essence of love manifest as a fashion statement just for you....the magic of you

love Stephen
the Bodhitorque man

io9.com, source of the image above, Robert Downey Jr, as Tony Stark...Ironman..Yeahh!!
To my Cousins for their love

http://io9.com/5063025/terrence-howards-war-machine-replaced-by-don-cheadle [delete, change display name]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kD8sxIjVuc [delete, change display name]

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yes Revolutions

sno it u loveR seY....a trilogy, the power of 3 letters...YES tis a lover who discovers the true meaning here, the fire within...woohh sss hot in there
Destiny a way to grow or a way to show what you are, to have a significant moment...perhaps haha or an abundance of moments being the love of the moment, momentum love in motion...juice TV,,,check out Eckharttolle TV...I love this ...Yes!!!..he's hot...the fire with in...has he paid the price...the power of love...a voice from above...requium of a gun fighter..Earnest Hemmingway...Ernie has the rabbit
Ok Earnie ..you have the mic: take time to be yourself...this is all I have to say.
Kara DioGuardi: Believe!!...you can do anything
Binoculars, Bifocals..what are they, one brings the image closer, bifocals are eyeglasses with two distinct optical powers (thanks wikipedia !!)
The Male and the female, the architect and the Oracle, the Mother and the Father...Zion a heavenly paradise, worth saving...worth raising!!! YES echos through the halls of time...yet there is only Now...the Deep stillness of NOW and So IT IS....I stand here before YOU (actually I'm sitting) without FEAR (cause fears standing over there...and I'm sitting...waiting!...anticipating ha) Fear: False Expectations Appearing Real
...What would you DO if you knew you could not fail?...I'd go raw 100% I think that's where the heavenly paradise is...Kara what do you say Believe for? you want more
You know it's nice to hear these messages...again it's what you FEEL, what touches YOU, MOVES YOU, reveals that fire....YES the REVolution has begun, just for FUN, stay tuned, check out today's link/s
Sometimes we wanna say, we there is no WE, unless you are in a cohesive team, and have been elected to speak ...like in a mastermind group where there is a spirit of harmony toward cause and purpose of being, much like the best mission statements. personal creeds or constitutions.
Yet why are these needed?...ask YOURself,..that is where the REAL EDUCATION is,,, Family, Friends, Freedom.....Stars, Space and sunshine
pay the price....YES will move you to ACTION and you'll RE-member your unconditional LOVE of ALL, and if not well you'll probably have a pretty good NOW, time at your side, a twinkle in your eye! Neo will have ONE and you will know the LOVE of TRINITY
YES those bold 3 letters that will fuel REVOLUTIONS
Love Stephen
I think Earnie and Kara were distinctions of the biofocal, two differing optical powers, and dependent on your vision, your inner compass will be the bearing of decision.
the Bodhitorque man

thanks to Marcia for posting the above image from myspace layouts
thanks Mum for your comment and link to ET TV

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShN8UIk5-mw [delete, change display name]

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yes Reloaded

....the story continues...in a Galaxy far far away...woops... Yes there's a few anomilies in that last post,
Yes Reloaded is about You and your purposefulness, about me and my recreativeness, if ever there were two words that could align these would be it
YES and passion comes to the fore. I AM clear and purposeful, I AM on purpose, Yes I love REcreating.
I am that which I am... R E L O A D E D:
I totally forgive myself for anything less than my best in that last post...for Love in Essence guides me well, is here to create freedom and prosperity for ALL and deserves the very BEST of my self and others too, so that we can be YOU and see what YOU desire in each moment we are alive with PASSION as an example of FREEDOM more will COME, set you free for LOVE is to BE
YES, channeling is a divine birthright, my brother thought so, and I love him so All will complete itself and once again the FREEDOM and PASSION epitomised in your Essence will EXPOUND FREEING and ABOUNDING this is ASTOUNDING

Yes, sometimes we care too much, I love this Card:...I'll post it as the picture above, as above so below...let's GO...Moby, have you heard that song, I'll post it below (c links) Well, what would you like to KNOW
The DIVINE in ME IS the DIVINE in YOU, yet YOU are YOU and what a beautiful YOU, Free to BE ALL that YOU can BE...TRANSCEND invisibility...RESONATE perpetuate. The LOVE in ME will talk to YOU NOW..KNOW that I AM here TO guide YOU WELL...A map a compass if you don't know the terrain it's all the same... I think a name is quite special...flower has power as does love, so Love the Name you have or choose the name you love, and love every aspect of who YOU are Y E S Reloaded

Yes attuned to YOU is the most Divine, Yes Reloaded gives the last word to Emmet Fox:
“Affirm your divine selfhood, look the world in the face and fear nothing.” Emmet Fox

Love Stephen
the Bodhitorque Man

http://www.jorgejuanfernandez.com/archives/2009/02/index.html [delete, change display name]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yK3LUSF78A [delete, change display name]

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Thinking about now. You may have looked at this link already http://www.eckharttolletv.com/
Posted by Patricia Busch, 4 days later

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Monday, April 19, 2010


Yes!! can you feel it! YES...me too! haha It's a word that's been undersold, except by Jim Carey of course, take the mask off!...Yes you can do it...Yes is all it takes, yes it's a great day, I love sunrises...yes I love it when the sky is purple...yes people are loving and kind to me always.....YES it's great that I am what I am and in trusting...Yes it's great to trust...Love LIFE and Live it to the FULLEST..YES! that's all it takes 3 amazing letters...imagine what you can create with their other 23 friends....a whole lotta love, freedom, passion, purpose, new adventures , new shores of enlightenment, new times, honour , courage...Ladder49...CELEBRATION...
I love it when your calm....Yes I love it when your erotic...you get the picture

Years ago when I was a purposeful father and I still Am, I decided that I would always respond with yes to my kids and that I could always use yes instead of NO...hoho

It worked for a while....YES it did
eg no you can't have that:
YES it's great that you love that shall we do something else?

YES...tis a powerful word...does it come with instructions....YES...however your feeling know that I AM with YOU all the way, just three short letters away YES you can use it on any Sunday and suddenly it's a FUNday...Yes YOU deserve it...YOU truly DO...try it! YOU will like it TOO! It will set you FREE

Love YESman
Amen, Yesmen, Noman...you got to be JOman, ya jammin...jaja jamin !!
love Stephen
the Bodhitorque man

to Big Mike..give me the mic..American Idol!
Jennifer McLean and guest Carol Look, take a look c links...YES
YES a word or a world?...yes it's infinite, so thanks YES for being YOU, and caring with your lovely Yesness, YES your soooo wonderful!....ahhh the reflection of it!..haha
Jim Carey and Adam Sandler....Funny people...Yes
and Billy Idol cause you just R...YES
she want more!!...more more morre

http://www.healingwiththemasters.com/audio.htm [delete, change display name]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnU3PWlWda4 [delete, change display name]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRv4CoXQoAQ [delete, change display name]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_OaRrS-Q5c [delete, change display name]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdphvuyaV_I [delete, change display name]

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A new Hero rises, a dawn worth expecting, a marvel worth protecting, yes it is YOU the dawn of a new age is in your eyes, the believing goddesses, the free men, the angels breath that sits upon your dreams, revel in ME for I AM TORQ...a new Star in the playing field, a revolution for your evolution, check out my page at 43 things, Torq...I started my page some 21+ months ago...stardate 2008.182...makes me think of that movie Turk182 that was a cool movie Torq..Turk...coincidence???..watch the movie...go role in the clay, make some hay..I just may..haha (thanks happy!) So 2008 was a leap year.."30th Mars will pass within about one degree of Regulus, the brightest star of Leo. Mars, which is the brighter of the two, is to the right. Saturn is just above them."
ref: stardate.org
that was from an Almanac on what's happening in the stars on that particular date...a stardate

I feel ambivalent...thought of Helena, the guy from Mars..John in smallville just watched latest episode in 720p..awesome picture..yet I digress, his powers come from Mars, "I'm Mars' sole survivor... there's a reason for that." – John Jones, to Icicle, Absolute Justice, Part 2 (thanks smallville wiki)
..like his red eyes...i used to get red eyes..but not from Mars ..haha

...which is the brighter of the two?...definitely my daughter...infinitely So...Real ACtion xoxo Ohana

Absolute Justice, what is Just? ICE, would be nice..BE COOL

and Saturns Lady (check out the link!!)

Ok Torq, I have 10 things to transform, to 'torq' in to the, and that's just on that page, what about my creative manifesting 101 goals, my daily goals...who keeps moving the poles!! lucky the earth keeps spinning on his axis else Mars would return and I'd be on the next shuttle outahere faster than YOU can say 'John jones'..yet We all have a REAL name...what is YOURS?

Love Stephen
the Bodhitorque man
what is my REAL name? it's ONE and the same
Torq182...the love in you

http://www.43things.com/person/Torq [delete, change display name]
http://www.myspace.com/saturnslady [delete, change display name]

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Universal Wellness

Just what is Universal wellness, on my page titled this, I originally had Eco Store Products, yet after much thought I have edited to Universal wellness to more be in harmony with my beliefs which are generally beyond belief..haha, I 'm as wrapped up in beliefs as anybody, or AM I, not really I just want my life to proceed well....me, me,me..you know what it's like. Yet YOU deserve to have the BEST LIFE ever, I thought of a T-shirt slogan this morning: I love my dreams
I Live my dreams.
Stephen Covey once wrote, or it was actually I think his mission statement, anyhow the guts of it was ..to live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacy
Just googled that and found:
...This section introduces Quadrant II Organizing: The Process of Putting First Things First. The key here is identifying what our first things are in relation to our life roles. There is a lot in this section, but perhaps the following discussion of roles provides a good sample:
Where do we get our roles? If we haven't paid the price to work them out in our deep inner life, they're probably a combination of feelings we have about ourselves and the social mirror.

But if we have paid the price, our roles are like the branches of a living tree. They grow naturally out of a common trunk—our mission, the unique fulfillment of our needs and capacities—and common roots—the principals that give sustenance and life. Our roles become the channels through which we live, love, learn, and leave a legacy.
Here's another excerpt: Section Four: The Power and Peace of Principle-Centered Living

Is there something I feel I could do to make a difference?

Think about it. It may require a letting go—of illusory paradigms, rationalizing, wants, urgency addiction . . . even your comfort zone. But deep down, in all honesty of heart, do you feel there's something you could do, some contribution you could make, some legacy you could leave that would impact your family, your work team, your organization, your community, your society in a positive way?

Excerpts from Greg Dixon's review of 'First things First' see link below

Ok, the Tao, Nature is neither positive nor negative or is there a positive and negative in nature, I guess there is really, growth of a plant or something with roots or is a seed requires an environment, something to sustain that growth for a plant, simplistically without the earth, well hydroponics, so it's more the elements, the ingredients present.
Does the Earth grow...
contemplating polarity: I get 'polarity is an existential theory, I work I get paid, inverse relationships are non polar in origin yet they do have origin, this is like love it is one with ALL yet it does have ORIGIN. YOU are that ORIGIN. ORIGINALITY is hence the description of YOU in essence, giving is receiving in reverse, polarity...YOU SEE what I mean.Do you not?
Sounds funky to me...thank goodness for music!!..I love it when we're cruisin together'..music is made for LOVE...I LOVve it when we're cruisin together...so there YOU have it!!...make MORE Music, YOUR music and low and behold...the Universe will go and GROW.
Polarity..more than a charity...YOU are destined to BE a STAR...that's how Clever YOU are...hade hahah..haha
make sense or make cents...it's your choice..I leave your now but AM forever here
Love IN essence
check out todays links to the music and we'll be cruisin together
Love Stephen
the Bodhitorque man
livin, lovin, learnin and leaving a legacy

http://www.sharedvisions.com/reviews/review.cfm?ISBN=0671864416 [delete, change display name]
http://www.psc.edu/science/Cohen_Stix/cohen_stix.html [delete, change display name]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqVBGv2hpQ4 [delete, change display name]

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Captain's Log

Stardate Hii8, let's emulate, speculate on the truth, could this be areason for being. I don'i really feel like writting, yet I want to or I have to and I've started and I don't seem to finish much else....ok who wants to channel
Elipsis: In Love I am, with your divine being I am, you are the one I've been looking for all my life, where are you now, I need you now
I AM here
Elipsis: of course, you are the one, I am the one that is why I speak to you, can we make love, of course, what about your partner, Tis a Captains journey. yet what is a journey without a Ist mate, unless your a Pirate...ah ha me heartys...mmm that's funny even in pirate language me hearty has come out to play in your empty garden....my garden's snot em..blow the emp, Neo blow the emp...laugh.
I remember reading long time ago, haha what's a long time, this moment, this universe, I mean what is time any way, it goes in circles, the whole things a joke, a mad hatters tea party....have YOU seen that yet?...was excellent..Wonderland.Oh reminded me...Years ago when I was doing some channeled or listening and writting what comes, I wrote something like..Naked by the fire of Absolum...I'll have to look back and see if I can find...unless, well I'll see if I can open and reveal what was meant or something further from this source:
But it means you are ONE with All oh what a lovely gift, bereft of doubt you come to me, let freedom out and we will see what will be said, the I am presense, that which I am...what does it mean to you?.....mmmlet me see...not much really words on paper, on screen, the movie of my mind projected....exactly. Is it real?....what is it?...it is what you are, incoherent.
Why would you say that...why not...indeed
What does it mean to you? It means a way of expressing my self as I am perfect whole and complete, so r u 2...this doesn't feel like u
Aunty Glady: He is well (my son Isaac), he wants to speak to you.
Captain's log, remember the film Invicitus..if your truly One there is no need for time as ALL is SUBlime...oh I do like LIME.
Well to be ...can you choose your feelings...why would you want to? to make sure you don't have a shit day...shit there's nothing WRONG with SHIT tis how they MAke GRIT...haha..now that deserves a laugh....I'll give you a moment 2...//// 111 666...I can't hear you...well I did really, I did hear one laugh...haha and that's all it takes to get another laughing...haha, then another haha, ..yawn.
Neck click...least I have one...Ispiring stuff alright this morning.
How's your good Friday going?...where's it going anyway...who said you could have it a good friday I mean...Life is the meaning, you can have what ever sought of day you want, any day of the week if you choose to recognise weeks...or is that just weak...now stardates....arrr AAARRR aaRR, only Stars Have Dates...which will YOU BE...Happy or an Anomily....I leave it up to you.....naked by the FLAME

Love Stephen
the Bodhitorque man (yeah!)...singing..let's..teleportation complete...the only way to travel, I'm having a meeting this week with Richard Branson about...

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Truly You

What else can you do except BE TRULY you, so what is it YOUR up to TOday, to the day you belong, to the day your song, how can you go wrong when you belong to love in essence.
As there is NO wrong only the gong of time to hang your head by, to sleep by, to know by..Dubai..who said anything about DOObai..ha? Horton hears a Hoo..haha, just kidding, no your not, your not BE cause your reading this, in the hope of enlightenment?, love in essence?, Freedom?, justification for WHO you are...Dr WHo...no YOU, your here now and your doing this to yourself for what?...yesss LOVE...your beginning to feel IT...sing it One Love...OHhh..hear the children crying, One heart, here the children lying, hear the children dying,..one heart....let's get together and feel alright.
Bullshit...your you, I'm me...what else can you BE, well anything really...so what is the infinite source of resource that you can derive your ultimate destiny from, from your loving heart, from the spark of light that you are

Good friends are like STARS....You don't always see them, but you know they are always there. -Unknown

know that I AM Your friend, and that although you may not always SEE ME, I AM always THERE...in the sky just blitzing by at the speed of light, born to your delight...aahhh but what a lovely light, BURN Bright and Burn Bold my son for YOU are The ONE. Tis every woman, every glowing being that hold's the light, to rise above circumstance, to see your lance , to take a chance...for YOU are the ONE..that the quest befalls to...like a dragon's heart you breath fire...only to become a liar, or a funneral pier, when you have such a beautiful light, why not delight in every moment, every reason, every season, everything is born of you, by YOU, for YOU, REVEL and Bevel Till your on the level, then you'll see that it has always been a way to be free is to BE me THe I AM PRESENCE, omniPRESENCE, OMniPOtenCE...haha sounds like Viagra or some sort of coagulant..thoughts will they flow like a river, return to the giver, multiplied by loVE, AMPLFired BY Truth, yes tis the fire within IN you, that set's you Free To BE ALL that You can BE

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Monday, March 29, 2010

3D Love

Yes!! that's right Love in Essence has gone 3D!! ..can you feel it, see that...feel it...wow wee..haha..I crack myself up, the spiritual world has always been 3D and beyond...infinite D, ask Buzz, unleash your Dragon cause what your about to see is magic, Real Magic.
Seriously, whatever who wants to be serious anyway, I went and saw 'How to train your Dragon tonight 3D at Manukau's Skycity Cinema..Yeeah awesome, I'm a softy for a good story and the transformation of belief...won't tell you too much...tip of the week, make sure you clean your glass's lenses!! Either take a little soft cloth with you or soft clean part of your shirt/blouse (you girl's blouse..haha) will do, will make a world of difference...to your experience...enjoy!

3DTV, yes it's here, I think it'll explode on to the market a lot quicker than we anticipate, probably by 2012 many people will own or know someone who does currently entertain 3D style.
Just look at the growth of Video personalisation and you can see the fun you'll have when you can educate and entertain in 3D with immersive sound technology as well...with my experience in the field of audio and meditation the x factor, the bodhi vibe not only comes thru the deep stillness, pureness of spirit and providence of power yet also from setup, setting up your body your space for that experience to realise, same with 3D audio and torque Bliss-Fi, tis the setup and the unparalleled excellence thrusting forth a new universe of enlightening proportions.

Just as you'll see it when you believe it, you'll experience the fullness of Vision with the experience of audition.

Torque Bliss-Fi bringing 3D to a place you'll call home, transcend the ordinary to embrace the extrordinary

"People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, they will never forget how you made them feel."

-Maya Angelou

Transcend the ordinary contact me today, 3D is but a moment away

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

to boldly go

Waves from Australia
Hi there it's the Bodhitorque man back again, long too absent my friends, tis ALL that we see in front of us today, happy is your way, perfect your display of peace and integrity, notice 'grity' is a main component of integrity, I looked, and Caroline, after Dot's bird Bo while She was in Hospital for a while, he was fun to have around...he...wow so much to say, like I wanna say everything at once....which is the benefit of energy transfer systems like reiki and others that predispose you to quantum alignment, ie if there's more than you want to say...a smile will perhaps do and then you know from experience and expression, just what you are saying and conveying, so back to my story...as it is 'my story'..haha.
Bo, most profoundly I found his acceptance revelatory and his stretching!!...well.
Quantum alignment...what does this mean, sounds like something a Jaberwokey would say.." I went and saw Alice in Wonderland" in 3D was awesome...ahhh Quantum alignment is perhaps 7D or what we know as 'real' feel, the real deal Neal...his presence BO was extending and genuinely accepting of me for me, what a way to be when you can offer that space for others or just be, perhaps it is their path to show us this, our furry, feathered and wildly romantic compatriates that the description animal...bodhily could be anagrmatically 'la man i", yet from the wisdom of Wikipedia:
The word "animal" comes from the Latin word animal (meaning with soul, from anima, soul).
so to be soulful...YOu have to let out your animal, animation, get animated and create an avalanche of love, if that doesn't work wip out the snow board and head for ...yes the snow, then you will Know...how to flow..Go go!
check out todays links...and have fun, see you in the Sun

the Bodhitorqueman
Stephen The ONE son born under mum, from Dad and all his lad...haha 2 Bad...HIStory
Who's Bad?...ahh but that's another story entirely or is it....ANIMAL thrivest doth thou in your heart you know the TRUth, truth of time TRuth of line, truth of Divine, tis only mine, your line is thine

To the Sun for yet again smiling and creating the day sunny side up, to the moon for being such a hoon and hangin out at night and being de light
and YOU for being YOU
To my family and Dr Seuss (his birthday was 2nd march)
and to Forgiveness for the wonderful glue it can make of You...U-HU! ..haha
would you could you ..on a boat...just to keep a float
or would you could you on a plane...to dance on the rain
thanks Michael who's bad
and to Isaac who went to write Dad but wrote bad, as he two was a reverser of letters...to find the deeper meaner
Love in essence

http://robertfinkelstein.wordpress.com/inspirational-quotes-and-images/ [delete, change display name]
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal [delete, change display name]
http://www.zionwildlifegardens.co.nz/ [delete, change display name]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHEewDRN7F8 [delete, change display name]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhhuEFBH3Qg [delete, change display name]

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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Matrix of Being

Enliven yourself trust in the Divine, each one reaching their potential is enlisting the help of others.
People say that to know oneself is to love oneself..Fiona. Yet perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye.
Meet Up is an organisation that facilitates such opportunity as to the creation of in person meet ups, well I guess they could be web based. What exactly do you mean Fiona?
Resp: reap what you sow
Johnny...can you come out to play...in your empty garden...Johnny
can you come out to play in your empty garden....mmmm he weeded out the tears and grew a good crop...
this what you mean Fiona?
Resp: Johnny can you come out to play in your empty Garden...Yes!
Do you know at your core is a seed, a seed of change, a seed, what does a seed need?
...A garden of course or a universe to play in ..You are the seed of the Universe the Galactic child of innocence, seeded from the stars and made up of the earth and spirit of time immortal, definitely a portal...to where your inner being?...GROWTH...a shining example of change is what you can BECOME
A Seed needs LOVE, All things grow with Love, thing...a seperate and self contained entity...reminds me of Ben "the thing" in Fantastic four, although he was animated, a lifeforce...rock solid!!
..crazy little thing called LOVE, John Hiatt sings a good version of this, he certainly came out to play..in his Album bring the Family.
Isaac: Watchtower is an example of power is that what you want to be?
No not necessarily, I do this primarily to make some money, yet I do this blog as a channel as Love in Essence was thought base words given forward as a page Name when creating this site and seemed a blog was best portrayal of this.
How is this like watchtower?
Isaac: Time and space are irrelevant, the one said is the one time, so begins a fight with oneself, is this what you want?
No...harmony is what I want within oneself and thus without
Isaac: Dad you are a flavour of LOVE not a saviour, savour the flavour
Haha, that's quite funny son, mmmm.

A Time to Shine, luminous beings we are, light up the darkness...labels, words...tis the associated meaning, darkness to the owl is brilliant, diverse, a time to fly...so a lot would depend on your purpose...your reason for being

An empty garden or a seed of change
Johnny...won't you come out to play in your empty garden

helena: Dad you are one love, be it
what do you mean?
Helena: sing it
(I looked up one love lyrics..and sung)
I feel a bit disconnected from you Helena, yet I think I get the message you convey
...lets get together and feel alright..yeah?
Helena: Dad, I love you, always will..Cara does too

Stephen John Busch

the Bodhitorque man: Begin again and fold your dreams into one, all will come to you now.
Begin again..what do you mean?
the Bodhitorque man: each moment is a realisation of the previous thought..Ok say I do understand that...fold your dreams into one, what does this mean
the Bodhitorque man: you got it
mmm fold your dreams into one...so give your dreams or let the source of your dreams come from the oneness...yet each of us is source..oneness so it's like an open communication, is there a source to draw from or an omnipresence, why does it even have to be or, the bodhitorque man was meant to be the source drawn from the very essence of creation to share unlimitedly and expressively for the betterment of all...and so it is
the Bodhitorque man: get out and have a great day
Yep...got up ..felt that...I love my blog though...your ALL beautiful here, I love to share and touch the air hope you are ALL well and creative of your own spirit and beingness for this is the time to stand for what you love and/or to play with time, your here for a heart beat...so let it and shine, the eternal heartbeat of the spotless mind..haha
have a great day
Stephen John (the abundant garden) Busch
the Bodhitorque man

todays links below
to all those who have communicated in essence
thanks to Saw Htoo for photo (link below)

http://www.metrolyrics.com/empty-garden-hey-hey-johnny-lyrics-elton-john.html [delete, change display name]
http://michaeltaylor.cc/?p=106 [delete, change display name]
http://www.lyrics007.com/Bob%20Marley%20Lyrics/One%20Love%20Lyrics.html [delete, change display name]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xF_KflCxscM&feature=fvhl [delete, change display name]
http://www.photovaco.com/photo/528 [delete, change display name]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN3MGN899yE [delete, change display name]

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Monday, March 15, 2010


Glittery texts by bigoo.ws

That's my new word, it means to be unlike anthing else, a nature of and unto itself yet with a transparency and capacity for infinite potentiality with unlimited colour, emotion , confidence and excelability.....a little bit like Batman..haha, saw an article in a mag last night at the supermarket..'New World', about ...tis a new world we create every day, or is it?....Batman avenge yourself, vengance is of itself a reaction to circumstance, you are the creator of cir cum stance, that which encircles your stance, change ...yet what is changeless...yes the bodhi of your body and the torque, the relationship with the divine inner workings of the cosmos, your principle center of power...being LOVE, love of who you are now, love of the becoming unbounded free and easy to be infinite in your potentiality and creativity.
There truly is infinite ways to view life, yet if your in the moment living life fully present what are you viewing....the absence of doubt, the acknowledgement of self and others around you as being whole yet distinctly seperate from you whilst being intimately connected via the silver permeatations of presence and understanding will unite you in common bonds of choice and freedom to express as you are ....the article was about these ingenious two gentleman whom had constructed the 'Tumbler' , the Bat mobile from the film the Dark Night which they had done from viewing a photo....such is the power of viewing.
What is beyond view, u, me, everybody...bodhi...transparency to that which you are U N L I M I T E D .....Hootwar!!
Love Stephen
the BodhiTorque man

enjoy the vibe, create a truly awesome day and enliven your self with the Love that I AM and go beyond that to whom you truly are...You really Can create All....Hootwar!!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Were you born?, or were you found? or were you created!!

Did you want to know yourself?

Or did you want to know for yourself !!

The meaning of life:


according to Wiki that's how you spell the word, notice Wiki is an anagram for Kiwi, so trust us 'Kiwi's' cause we know
...but if your reading this your probably in the KNOW...HO HO or is that WONK WONK as Willy wonker would depict...tis a 'Golden Ticket' to your Dreams and you just may be the Last Action Hero, thanks Arnie....the Power of the Golden Ticket... use Your personal power and that ticket has been TRANSFORMED into what you love

Love Stephen
the bodhitorqueman

It just may be that ALL is ONE and that KNOW ONE has has been created to determine an expression of whether YOU Will BE or not...what do I mean...some times I wonder, such is the Beauty of Wonder

thanks to larryfire.wordpress.com for picture above :) link below
Beyonce and Youtube..thanks!! link below
To You for understanding Wonk is Know in reverse haha

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Zf1Rhp-fZs [delete, change display name]
http://larryfire.wordpress.com/2009/10/02/warner-bros-is-developing-a-charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory-stage-musical/golden-ticket-lrg/ [delete, change display name]

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time, Guidance and Honesty

If only I could catch up to myself. Where have I gone? Who Am I? Lost, if only that was the case, truth is your right here RIGHT NOW and if your not more the lucky you...because you'd be in your life living from your perspective, .This morning in my meditation I tried aligning with the intelligence behind all things...and to a degree it worked as what I was trying to achieve was a balance through my body where sitting upright is natural aligned, free, pleasurable...Honestly..deep within me is a well of love drawn from the water I was born of it each is of the now and the present, you follow...both a gift and a wellness in THE NOW. THAT is WHO I am..ETERNal present peaceful ...calm, yet a torrent if need be , a terd if NEED be, DRIVE home your needs to yourself and you will get them WHOLEheartedly, ...I just feel pain around this....bullshit , bullshit...there you go that's the terd you wanted...hahaha
Really so you are what you are...more or less...well why not go for more, or is less more?...more or less.....Guidance...who can dance on the sins of other ...do you know what sin is?...yeah me either, I think it was an ancient tribe in Eygypt where they ran naked through the streets....singing it's a beautiful DAY!!....lead me into Temptation, there is no problem big enough that you can't run away from..haha, what about TIME, a hair past a freckle as I recall, the moon passes the sun in the seventh sign, GOD is on the horizon and McDonalds opens early...what WILL YOU do, WHAT will you see as the sun comes under me probably an asshole, as we've all got ONE, need one, depends what you eat I Guess, eat light burn bright, and the sun just might start shining out your ass!!!....imagine that...yes your now a glow human...how do you feel...mmm feels good ehh haha....Just finished playing with myself in the shower...what you wanna see the video...here's the link below...haha,sorry no cameras in the shower. Any how feel like I'm skimming across the surface here...Love in Essence RE-member @!! here's an affirmation to try: I am blissful in my approach to life, harmoniously thriving, limitlessly, use that for ten days, while I think of it check out Christy Whitman.com (link below), she's a Law of attraction coach, I purchased her seven essential laws download and she keeps sending me so many gifts, one of which free membership to her platinum coaching club for 2mths, there's a coaching webcast/telesseminar, you can submit any questions you have...if you have any...zen: It's not the question but the question of the question that gives the answer...
Healing with the Masters is a series of various speahers, I'm not on it, yet hey you can speak your mind here, if you have a question...time, guidance and honesty perhaps yet I have a gift of being able to open to the infinite..test me out ask away.
The series kicks off ONEpm NZ time where the sun rises and surprises even the most illumined soul, we have lots of caves with glow worms too, so where ever you can get your light...may TRUTH crest on your wings and the blessings of freedom be in your heart
the Bodhitorqueman


http://www.christywhitman.com [delete, change display name]

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Suddenly I forgot what to say

Ah yes ...Appolgy..Re-member tis your love that makes the difference, that frees YOU to be all that you ever dreamed was possible...to take your dreams and shape them like the master sculpter you are, the Da Vinci of our time you may be, but beyond that inside you and me is that recipe for success that only you and I can know alone and free in the inspiration of your spirit...I dream of having No Reservations of being all that I can BE right here and right NOW from here on IN, or here on out as a pulpit of time is a design on the crest of eagles we will fly to beyond the sea of reason to only where YOU and I stand, a Mountain or a Man, a Woman or a child, a beast or a burden, tis the breath that lay rest to all these, to release your greatness in one easy mouthfull...Say I AM ALL that I AM and so it shall BE...winning is everything...loosing is nothing..have you ever heard this before?..yes the first half yet the...correct loosing is nothing, just a CHANCE for a new beginning, a new sunrise..and rise it will, perhaps loosing is something you wish to avoid, just what is loss, according to Einstein or someone with really cool hair, could have been Jim Morrison, What is energy, E=mc2 according to Einstein, not sure if Jim agrees or Moses...yet we'll continue any way...Moses is a certain provident son...energy is never lost....harmony...there is always balance.
Loook where are YOU, it's your Dreams that concern me, ...yet it is YOU who CAN MAKE them COME true, and just HOW? by knowing you are WELL, ALIVE and free to BE just what you would and see the change take place in the world.
Hang on a minute here...what is it that you want to change anyway isn't TRUE that YOU R and I AM 2 whole and complete, perfect...just as we are NOW, not next week which doesn't even exist...yet NOW does, it's tangible cause Your in it or is it, just what is the NOW, if you reverse it you get WON, be ONE and there is No loss only the immortal self, timeless being that has TIME for ALL

Love to Ya
as always
the bodhitorqueman

ohh...did you watch American Idol...I did, did some gardening...awesome!!!... a cat nap, pretty much a complete day...and watched No Reservations...great movie...hat's off to Chef de Soul, went to Urban Soul in Manukau a new Cafe, thank's Caroline, twas very nice, great decor and the food was inseperable from the experience :)
...so if your in Manukau (NZ) it's just on the sunrise side of The FREE standing Westpac site....quote from the movie was along the lines of the best recipes (as a euphimism for life) are the ONES you 'create' yourself....assured to be divine would be my addage to that and if you travel the pathless path then be guided WELL for YOU are the ONE with the story to tell.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0Ds6joW5RM [delete, change display name]

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Tiger tiger

Majestic, beautiful, a lot like myself really..haha. Tiger's love and love to be loved thus this year I will be offering YOU the opportunity to embrace, to feel the energy of tiger....There will be three facets to this:

Tiger Sound, amidst their vocal range is the beauty of emotion channeled through the pristine purity of their being

For the love of sound that is inseperable from raw passion evolution has bought YOU the choice to indluge and delight in the best

Tiger Sound at home, limited edition, this year only, create your field of dreams, one off exclusively designed systems for all environments

Tiger Fitness
Get the workout of your life, unleash your potential in the gym, traverse the wilderness of fitness with your guide and personal coach, equip yourself for the year of a lifetime, know your limitlessness, share your journey into fitness with the tiger

The third and final facet is a gift you already have the wild spark of genius, the love of nature and freedom to be who you are, thrive and dwell in the limitless now

Love Stephen
the bodhitorqueman

thanks to topsir.com for image above, link below
Stan Walker.."Eye of the tiger" link below

http://www.topsir.com/desk/class110/White-Bengal-Tigers/3f6d39e61e2bb7aa.htm [delete, change display name]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB69qJlyLEM [delete, change display name]

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Blue Room

Hi Dennis, where ever you are, hope the kids are well and you and Christina. Sometimes even the ones we love are not there in front of us.Yet you can still wish them well...or DO something about it...envision what you wish to see and it will BE. How? like the mind of an eye, see all and DREAM, completely freeing the mind as you would on a Sunday drive, laugh a little, live a little, go ON , GIVE yourself thee rewards YOU deserve, YOU are the BEST there is, always have been,and always WILL BE
Love Stephen
the bodhitorqueman

Yes but what about NOW if now is the time, the ever present essence of WHO you are, no not Dr Who, YOU hu, haha, seriously, hope you are well buddy and the family...your wishes go out and reach those you think of, so care more than you ever thought possible...dwell in possibility, forgive as YOU need and Live as you would BE

Oberista who is David Mankin for image from his site (link below)
David Pole thanks for ALL, Happy Birthday for yesterday, hope it rocked!

http://oboerista.wordpress.com/2007/04/07/woody-and-the-april-snow/ [delete, change display name]

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Run, Shop, enliven your essence

Goodmorning fellow citizens of the Universe hope you are unconditionally accepting yourself as All that YOU are, your just briliant, a gaint among men, a precious gem among woman, love in essence ahh tis a beautiful relationship with oneself, transcendant and free, a S P I R I T unto it's own, divine , magnificent, yes it is YOU...well enough about you...haha. I me me me ..haha went in my Vibrams for a Totara Park training session this morning, through the Botanic gardens and into the bush trails/tracks..tis a special kinda feeling..the smell of the woods...and gliding by at lightspeed ..haha..dem shoes doth have wings!..you can check out the Vibrams at one of the links below. I like them, if the soles were conductive and the fit was a little closer to barefoot we'd probably get married, however I do Love the red colour...I look like a gorrila gone wild with red feet...coming to a jungle near you..haha. Actually that is something I would love to see and feel..!! experience being with the mountain gorillas...yeah...that is ONE for the manifestation machine and share that experience with anyone who would like to come along and so it is...ok let that go hocus pocus...talk about focused, anyhow the run was GREAT, came back home and then thought I want a Raw breaky and some food so hiho off I go to Huckleberry Farm lovely store in Greenlane, Eco Supermarket, do yummy smoothies and have oodles of goodies, had a supersmoothie...mmmm delish...and stocked up on friut,veg and other goodies, then feeling refreshed and enlivened...I'd also planned to hit up Ceres in Ellerslie so into the Delica (Madmax would be proud) gotta get this transformed to run on light..well actually Environ fuels sells B20 and B100 Biodiesel which I'll call blissfuel would love to have a full tank of this every week, till I get a more biodynamic vehicle...The Prosperity Game was a book I picked up and purchased, yet you know the one that really enlivened me while I was there was reading a bit of a Book about Carl Jung and Rudolf Steiner, 'the Birth of a New Psycology', there's a link below if your interested...I enjoyed my read.
Well time to go, wishing you the best as always, and in the words of David Wolfe..."have the best day ever"
Love Stephen
the Bodhitorqueman

Awakin the giant within...reading and doing the exercises on submodalities being either Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic in relation to their appearance and variance to change your state, or more precisely identify your triggers to maximising your positive experiences and thus your ability to create and teach, reach, or share with other beings...this was a sticking point for me...has taken 3 weeks to almost get through the few pages...blink of the eye in the grander scheme of things...things..embodiments...I like that word...Create your own Blueprint...check it out what I did was...firstly what I said I would do was take a look to see if roof was leaking and see what I could do to remedy...for some reason...not looking forward to this as had put it off for the week....so using Tony's tools I introduced vivid colour s that's one of my drivers to get things amping and also feel the chi of the vision...bam!...instant motivation and clarity of how to proceed...long story short, I had located and replaced a broken tile within about fifteen minutes...haha!! thanks Tony...YOU ROCK!

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants"
Isaac Newton

Lastly as promised...Vitasoy great products, lots of organic ingredients, however is not a raw product as such as there is pasturisation (heating) in the process of manufacture, to there rawsomeness and thanks for a prompt reply to my question

Aknowledgement to:
Almighty answers for image above (last link below)

http://www.barefootinc.co.nz/p/1052409/mens-sprint---fivefingers.html [delete, change display name]
http://www.vibram.com/ [delete, change display name]
http://www.doyletics.com/arj/jungstei.htm [delete, change display name]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjDNbaX6MZw [delete, change display name]
http://images.google.co.nz/imgres?imgurl=http://www.saintaugustines.ca/sites/emhc/eucharist.gif&imgrefurl=http://almightyanswers.blogspot.com/2009/04/almighty-answer-4-real-presence-of.html&usg=__lWBoB61BoONa4b1SZadiPIU-sHs=&h=342&w=342&sz=44&hl=en&start=3&itbs=1&tbnid=53AZKsDAhQa6nM:&tbnh=120&tbnw=120&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dpresence%2Bin%2Bthe%2Bnow%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26sa%3DG%26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:1 [delete, change display name]

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who or what is TRUTH

In any context it is the receipt of deceipt you recieve, only the soul that knows god can receive by way of godliness, so child what is it you must do ,recieve your godliness or hereafter be a laughter thereafter, how? meditate, enliven your essence daily, simple work easy pay, play, enjoy the fields of the lord, your god will not fail you and gold will be not measured unto you but many who come to you will see your TRUTH rise above you to the shepard that you are, this is truth, living TRUTH, to the giver of the Lord comes the given. By no means are you well by no means are you dead either, dead keen maybe, but not yet, your time is not yet , berat your desires and beholden my bosom, for the flesh of man will rot unto the corpses lay bereft of dreams and freedom, doesn't sound like much of a disciple, journey inward you will see my TRUTH and follow it to lands end if need be but the rewards will be eternal if blessed unto thee.....I don't feel well after writting this, sounds gloomy, who would want a gloomy god? not this bod...the Lord is my shep....blah blah blah, I believe YOU are TRUTH, Living truth and the works done by your own hand are yours and yours ...I was gonna say alone, yet this feels pretty lonesome, well there must BE a creator, zenergy comes to mind, a synergy with that which is, and just what or whom is that which is, your essence sparkles, do you? I don't feel it, I did feel that when writing the above about people coming to me...yet people must come unto that which they are...not to anyone else, else wheres the FREEDOM, not so much freedom, but independence, REALISATION, actualisation...I feel like a brainiac sometimes...poorme..haha, that feels right placing oneself at the helm, for the betterment of all by way of intention, trust and faith in that which is and will always BE...LOVE in essence...check this out I found the Blue star or as I was searching for a picture of a large heart this is what I was guided to...aauuuhhh that's funny the website is titled pic for me...how's that for confirmation...anyhow hope you enjoy...I think it's lovely (link below and so you bestow the joy unto yourself, your realself TRUTH and de light)
Love Stephen
the bodhitorqueman
ps another 'coincidence' after writing yesterdays quote "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants" Isaac Newton, today I opened Google scholar, out of curiosity and what do I see...yes the quote reads "Stand on the shoulders of giants"...I'm a believer, the giant witnin is a giant with a grin...to your success! mmm it seems that it is a free search engine of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats..mmm a little like beleif 'systems'..Free your mind FREE your BODHI bliss will follow....stand on the shoulders of giants and know you are ONE
tip of the day:
Have FUN today, enjoy yourself and you will BE a gift unto others :)

Creation: Elvis is an anagram for 'lives' and that's the truth

http://www.picfor.me/en/original/628065 [delete, change display name]

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life as we know it Jim

myspace layouts

myspace layouts
Here on earth there are many that would say I am Life, however you know that to be different, each life has it's own accord, yours is different to mine, Abraham~Hicks is different to mine, yours is thine, your unique self, that is what "shines".
I create my own reality....correct, you are the one...be the ONE this is all you need know for now, Love in Essence, always here at your side if you abide in your true core more LOVE MORE creation, devination what ever you would call it YOU are LOVE in ESSense
How do you be the ONE?, you are one, too fast...I'm receiving all...aaahhh would have to speak... There are many people living in a way that does not serve them...wow..that feels like my own mirror ..haha
The response to how do you be the ONE? came too fast for me to type...could you slow it down and resay? No you are one be one there are many who would speak thru you if you would try...try what's a bird in the eye...say again a bird in the eye two in the bush.
I can hear the cicaddas singing, they hear you, there are many who would speak through you if you would listen.
For what purpose? Love in Essence, what is the purpose of Love in Essence? to enjoy life..dance the high road be like a jigalo, jingle your breasts what ever you want to do it's all here for you in love in essence , that is the support unconditional, ...distraction that is what gets you the most from your true core essence you will come if you believe...B E L I E V E..belittle you will not for you are one, like all you must sing for your breakfast lunch or dinner or you will get none, none of the birds or the love you seek will come unless you understand this...what do you mean sing? Joy brings it to you... a password...betterlife4@!! thats bodhitorquecom...trust you will get there...OK ..thankyou to all who comment, Harry wherever you are hope you are well and you too Hazel
Love to All Stephen
the BodhiTorqueman

In your heart you know I am you, no not true, then how can you be one? Oneself is whole and complete as you are, perfect and prepared for anything you are, believe in your highest course and this is what you WILL SEE

check out todays link, I have experienced trance channeling before..it rocks! ..the bodhi vibe

http://www.aprilcrawford.com/index.html [delete, change display name]

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soul Counsall

Hey dude/s is that hough u spell counsil...aaawwww dunno man counts-all yeahhh I fink so..soul what do you fink??...ffeeel...angels come to mind...they bring you these words....mmm.

today I asked myself those...you know those quest-I-ons ...after listening to __[http://soulfm.stationplaylist.com/ Gaia or Soul]__...and to dance and letting go I began to wonder...what is the soul?...what is termed the soul?...what exactly is one's soul?? what is a soul?.......what does it mean, is mean always mean...or is it jus me-an U

Start again...well I felt soul to be...I dunno really...well yes I do...I asked that or those questions...what is the purpose of the soul...if and what is it is....anyhows... I felt a wonderful sensation/s...enlivening vibrations...an awakening of sensory enjoyment...alive'ness' brain fire'ing to concordant wavelengths...i.e. a good buzz haha...yet I still had the question what is soul?...as if unanswerable in mere words, mmm my words mere words, my word no, yes, no perhaps the soul knows, no way or know my way, U turn...

whatcha look at...haha. so anyway Energy...pure energy?? maybe more so than thought I felt...yet what is thought??...now we're getting 'some'where....perhaps we'are here to awaken or re-member our soul consciousness and or purpose of such?? as i went into the music more..let go and let that quest-I-on float...energy....i started to well up ..connections to family soul connections...i felt part of me dying or going as if letting go opened the door to ascensin...haha probably spelt that right in my case yet I meant ascentson....like the son aspect of who I am was rekindled and I felt this triggered the crying and the going'ness'..and as if I felt my mother sensing this or that connection between ? soul/s...I've felt something similar long time ago...when life was getting 2 much and I was deeply .well I thought so into spirituality and awakening to one's knowing'ness'...knowing thy way, and reaching my highest potential....yep what a trip....be safer to jump on Virgin Galactic..or any other virgin ..for that matter haha...blast offf ...yeahhhh __[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kD8sxIjVuc Shoot ta thrillll]__ yeahhh
Yet I was onto 'some'thing, yet at the __'[http://www.bodhitorque.com/6901.html?entryId=15d379a4bf8931052a9d459459fae708 TIME]'__ not...so I was crying not majorly yet genuinely which was nice ...to feel...even if dying...yet also the optimism of where to from here...what's __[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wb2MzKOlu1Y NEXT]__...

My Question lingered...maybe 'IT' is the Great mystery and MEN'T to be or for WOmen'T to cross...un MO-MEN-toe, perhaps it's all'ways' been under your FeE.T. or AM I standing on thIN Air EAR...Listen up the Great mystery was not "enough' yet I felt the mystery of mystery to BE an important ASSpect of SOUL....feeling rather RE-lent'less' i thought the Aunt'sirs' will COME, so i said to Caroline I would get a battery for her watch....and fix a leaking pipe under the bathroom, a t-junction in the but-e-line. so i figured ...carry on...get a feed and have a great day anyway...after all I am abundant...had a great shower outdoors and some lovin indoors....well prior to all this....which probably lead me to ponder...many of sum of de QUEST -ions.

Let's hit the road...NOo!! not lite'rally' yet driving my 4x4 Delica might BE CONsideRED 'AS sUch' haha thanks MUm for da brain cells and Dad for the lad, and Dave for the Fav, and me 4 da Bee, well all da Fam-I-ly...BEcause SOUL gives of it's self....read that IN IN 'dis E S S we possess the POWER to BE all things, yet appropriate to 1 or NOT, given the example I set, it's inappropriate to judge one above another ...other than to love ALL beings yet yo Mom and DAD, bequests the rest of the Family...but what of Dave ...woz he BRAVE or just a vernacular trans lation of what is A TRANSFORMER...love in ESSENce...for was not till after his ASSension...did I have more conscious awareness of the love I had for his life and contributions to ME, me me me haha ME too Agent Smith, or Johnny Love...or Angelina Jolie...aaaaha Johnny Be good ...Be good be good Johnnnny. Johnathon was one of David's son's names and the other Tony (or Anthony), and Geoffry whom IS of the manifest EARTH, the concordant reality....which re-minds me.

When I was dancing ha...could U label that ''dancing'''hah ok expressing o wonderous'ness' I recalled dancing or stretching ....nuther TIME...for we were off to the mall RE-member...

I dropped the watch in....after checking out the conscious attributes of the Jewelers, one seemed a little cheap, the other some nice items in the window, the first not that busy, the second bustling away, and the third ...again somewhat vacant....and the store agent...somewhat self imposing.....Jeweler number two the 'romantic' option and the choice I chose ...in good faith....

nice lady served me...indicating that would take 15mins....sweet

.....still in the back of my mind I let that quest-i on float what is soul??

and there it was...that relational shift in myself, my view point and connection or perspective of other's now shifted to a more inviting and accepting as well as observational level...what is soul ...seemed to elevate me some how into quite a trusting 'en'vIrONMent...mmmm environ fuels...they do a BIOdiesel...next

...so the connections open and it's like I see the SOUL of people....and literally I'm going...r yeah they're not that awake,...young to their soul...etc ....judging I know and totally personal to percaption or was it??? mmm wrote percaption there...probably more accurate than perception as that was perhaps the 'cap' i was wearing...yet more of a growing and questing ....anyhows digging a hole for myself here ...so moving on ....

People seemed more alive, animated and interesting to me....in a 'soul'ful way....I liked it!!!...Yeah she's got soul in her eyes it's like the intensity of each'es beacon or soul presence is apparent to U..or me if i was perceiving correctly....downed slowly and savouringly my 'Chilled Soy Vanilla Bean Breeze' Latte ....and bugger dripped a little on my 'Bigger is Better' shirt that Caroline gave me from her Hawaii trip...yeah where was I ....'eggzac t ly !!1 for ALL and All 4 1...__[http://stereosystems.wordpress.com/ saul]__ I got to say On that ONE...

__[http://www.urbansoul.co.nz/ Soul food]__ ...jus what is SOUL food....energy....didn't appear to be the latte or the sushi...yet more a form of connection.

or communion...so that was my soul adventure or quest for today...moral of the story...live a miraculous life

....a SOULful life without a wife, have no strife aaahhh the Good Life haha

ahh i don't No...your ALL that much WISEr (yeah right!) than I, so see with that EYE and WE'll all BE free to BE what we wanna BE...
__[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz_6Y0-Pv38&feature=related BE Happi]__....__[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y120e_wXskw yo HIPPY]__

yo BODhi TOrq mon
SOUL quest-I-ON

What is the soul?? post your feelins, insights or jus say hi ;)

__Gratitude__ for the pic above, see links below for source and another site, embedded links to come also, ye i'm off to bed first ...race ya...soul first...or is that thirst?...anyway thankyou to sources of the pics within love in essence also :)

Links: What is Soul? pic above : http://soundawareness.blogspot.co.nz/2009/04/what-is-soul.html
What is a Soul? : http://www.crystalinks.com/whatisasoul.html

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