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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Question everything...accept YOURself

elephant trunk heart
What are Governments for??.. is nature not the ruler by which we grant a by 'way' to our BEing'ness', What is technology??... Natural it must BE !! are we natural...we must BE, mmm perhaps not...if we're not natural...then what R WE...GODs...maybe, so that would make all of nature technology; yet what about....when is a thing not a thing, i.e. for instance if we make something, craft it from wood, a piece of rimu for instance, shaped, filed, sanded and oiled, cut with tools and tempered by hand mind and spirit, yet what are these things....YES not things BUT U, so what are U.....how wooood no not woood woooo Hoooood haha LAUGHTER; one of the ESSEntials, yet NOthing IS esseNTial REAlly, accept Chris REA

cause HE's 'ON the Bitch' SING'n ohhh do it to me haha like that aaaahhhh yeaaaahhh baby pleasure...my pleasure. So technically this could WELL BE a PLEASURE or naturally IT (Information Tits) like Information Technology provide both sustenance and Pleasure, yet 'more than this' ....written words, aRE WRITTEN WORLDS, Yet before we could write, there must have BEEN a reason to come into BEing....yep the Ol Orgasm...the Cosmic glue that Keeps it all toGETher, and why did we wanTA get her anyway...yep we wanted to share the love of our creation;..our bliss can only be a resonnance between to particulant entities, i.e. if you have an orgasm or stimulate yourself to such pleasure..what are you doing, triggering the mind body connections....and then guilt..SPIrITuAL excitation...that is really what's occuring...your exciting the spiritual through touch, through a biofeedback, a vibration by excitation...doesn't feel write...mmmm but does feel gooooood better than wwwooooooodd....stripping off...feels better mmmm ...what is guilt?
..."Guilt is the state of being responsible for the commission of an offense.1 It is also a cognitive or an emotional experience that occurs when a person realizes or believes—accurately or not—that he or she has violated a moral standard, and bears significant responsibility for that violation.2 It is closely related to the concept of remorse." -ref Wikipedia

Giving Guilt the Bodhi Torque treatment; t- li-u(love)G,

foundationally Evolution, equals no-it-u-love, which essentially says U your magnetic self IS LOVE in ESSence, hence NOthing is evolving BEcause we already R, and what we are doing IS sharing the LOVE, which has been termed confussingly so...B.T.(before Torq)...yet NOW in L.A.(Living Aware'ness' haha) it ALL makes sense.

As we have also Garnered (Jennifer?) Megan Jennifer Linda, TIME is perceptual and relational to Love IN EssENce or IS IT, what is TIME, see here.

So We have U as Being love, EMIT as the creating element of 'perceptION'...which BTed (bodhi torqued) BEcomes 'NO-It-pec-rep'

One muscular contraction, hold and release (yeessss...JUSt LIke an ORgasm!! haha wicked willy strikes AGaIN..) of the Chest, and what is beneath your chest...the Almighty ...you HEART...the Amplifier, tUbed and fed with red oxygenated PASSweON (the new term for shared passion)

So perception could be vued as U hugging REAlity, contracting your heart to see the truth....when ALL you need do is Expand and Open IT....check out this post and the pic's awesome too....yeeesssss jusss like moi !!! (applause....yes take a BOW

and pass the apple sauce ...mmmm tomato juice mmmmm 'spiced' YYUUUMMMMMM!!!)apple sauce is nICE 2....side track city!!!

Yet as per Bodhi Torque awakenings, we can see that ALL are love, and thus the truth is merely an affirmation of what you BElieve to BE So (or what you have sown and seen, or perhaps been told, the biggest part of told BEing 'old' and so it is with the TRUTH which by definition relies on false'ness' for IT's very existence...yukk!! haha ha yet the very same ..'FALSE' a mere opinionation of that which you have yet to see or BElieve, and the bosom buddy of TRUTH, simply False can not BE without TRUTH !!!....they are hope'less'ly

Olivia NEWton John IN love, or as Rihanna would say We Found love in a 'HOPE'less plACE
...TRUE or FALSE...check out the vid

...U BE Judge DRed, say TED and SMILE,

BEcause it'll Go a mile

Simply put T and F are like Romeo and Juliet, so BLESS'm and send em on there way R.I.P True and False and rise up Limitless and Infinity, Love and Happ'i'mess...woops I meant 'ness' haha

YET stay True...and Don't BE false, falsetto I mean...that looks rather difficult..DIFFiCULT mmmm change gear....get outta that colt and 'FIRE ya GUNS'

...yes flex those 'BI-ceps' ceps we BE more THan THIS...Absolute TRUTH

Abs Sol and a Ute....sounds like an Ozzie with the X Factor....No more tears !!!!

Yet I love tears, or gods RAin...and let it rain,

rain down on me..

So that I may See the Sea when the REAL driver..IS in ME...Not it's in U, and that's n all...unless your hav'n a ball, then your far 2 buSSy two even Be CONcerned, BEcause you've dun your TIME on planet 9.

So to clarify, like BUTter, ask the buTler....oh that would be me...oh the indigNATION !!

G is clearly a revelation, Guru or God...the G'ness' you EXperience and WE luV

So Guilt ha, not for politicians aS IT IS merely .." t li "
love G

Have I Rsk'd more of you, expected more of U

YOU betcha !!!!

love Stephen
the Bodhitorque man

Gtea haha...enjoy ;)

ACCEPT YOURself as U R, you REALly are PERFECT...just AZ U R

cause everry Bodhi's SShuffool'n

a rrraaaaarr ddddiiinnn taaattttttaaaaa ++VV

Gratitude to:
Flickr and Catalystyogi.com for image above, and to all referenced through the various and multitudinous links within this post :)

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Thursday, February 9, 2012


Ark I hear a call....ohhh that was the wind wistfully through the trees

the space that I'm in, tis the season of the Cicadia here in NZ, the wise cicadia emerging from the ground, shedding it's skin to take fl...Stop press!!! the Cicadia outside the window stopped chirping till I discovered that's it's only the male that sings to attract the love of his life...his female counterpart.......ahhh the romance of it...Love in Essence....the importance of this CAN NOT BE understated tis LOVE in the air to SHARE,

so next time you hear a cicada, know it's the serenade of love, calling you home on the wistfull wind ;), I BElieve it's more than this...like EVE in the garden, she knew it wOZ ...more than a DEN for her SOUL but ..something to make her WHOLE...besides her hole haha...U worm...which reminds me ...there was a worm that wriggled out of my salad before I ate the omnipresence ...rescued onto my finger, a lite rinse and into the garden

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Begin Again(show's up as a 2003 post, mmmm time travel, CMOS failure on computer reset the date of my computer...CMOS...I think of that monkey from planet of the apes !!)...Love the MONKey...U monKEY