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Monday, April 4, 2011

This morning I had a Good meditation


As I AM awakining the Giant within, I have had a go at using Google's calender for planning, new word, or terminology, William Blake would be proud, ...Action in Advance, that's the name of my Calender or one of them, the other is called my personal name, confusing..why have two calender...well tis the way of the world, no I AM brilliant thus Two Calenders is a way to implement twice as much, in half the time..haha
Anyhow I digress, Soul FM broadcast out of Tauranga here in NZ of course has some great music for meditation in the morning if you so choose, runs from 5am till 7am and also again at 10pm till midnight (NZ time).
My Neighbour had the Ambulance round this morning, my first instinct was to rush out and see if I could help, I resisted...does that make me heartless, I hope not, perhaps I need to change my attitude and really HAVE Faith in what I DO, (I've edited a piece out of the original post here, in the interests of integrity and prosperity for ALL)...I AM grateful you are here today reading this and my prayer for you is truly profound...that YOU LOVE life and LIVE it to the fullest, How?, NOW that's how!
Love the bodhitorqueman

check out today's link and soar above wings glistening, the tide imbuing you forth..rise up to the bodhi of your body

...please invoke a prayer for Dot, my neighbour, she is well, feeling enlivened, enjoying life and creating her future with passion...thankyou!

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  1. Greetings from USA! Your blog is really cool.
    Are you living in New Zealand?
    You are welcomed to visit me at:

  2. @tongchen@seattle
    Dear seattle, thanks for your awesome praise and for visiting, yes I AM here and aboding in New Zealand at present, anything with Zeal in the country has to be cool, just like anything with United in it,
    love to you, have visted your blog today, what's your favourite music?