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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Feels like Christmas

Merry Christmas, Flashing tree

Merry Christmas 2 U one and ALL, love the Lite, and burn brite!! Well I've just been down to Tok, went down through Hamilton and checked out the ol L'Post (Listening Post), my old haunt back in the 90s..Passion ..for sure!!
I strapped a double bed on the roof of the Delica using tie downs...what a wonderous invention; and thanks! to the kind individual that loaned them to us ...you rock...! 4 sure!!
Yeah so the L'Post ; Romesh is doing a major ...wow listening to some cool soundz thru Foobar while iluminating this page...so the make over ,He's in 50 Church Rd, whilst manifestation is IN ACTION...Bionic!! ABsoul-utely. What's love got to do with IT ...EVERYthing !!Romesh and Paul always loved their sounds...or the X-factor ...the spirit of life...that's what's playin...Tina Turner...what's Love ...

Which reminds me...ahhh later, back to the trip, thought about monstering the Delica...and how it's the moments that are massively awesome...those take your breath away ..or connection with the God factor ...the X-factor MOments, that aren't Mintees moments, yet the REAL essence of living and loving your passionate LIFEstyle fulfillingly....Christmas haha, heard what's that guy's name ??? off Love Actualy singing his version of the Christmas song...whilst I was at the BP in Tok..it's a great version...

(here is a link to buy the album and/or Disc ).

Blue Coast Records recording of 'I'm just look'n for a Home'; Patrick sent me a few different versions (downloadable formats) to give my feedback on, DSD rocks!! Merry Christmas Patrick and all the Team at Blue Coast Records!.
Here's a link to the track.

Read the full ARTicle...HERE

Monday, April 4, 2011



Draw in a deep breath and let it go, wow just that simple essence of nature's elixer delivers instant calm and instant karma in the form of wellbeing, imagine the impact of training regularly and enhancing your capability to absorb nutrients, vitality and the briliance of your bodhi reals majestically within you, driving forward to the ultimate reality of your desire...change... the fabric of time molded and caressed into a new beginning....to your success
Love Stephen
the bodhitorqueman
News: I put a subwoofer in my Mitsi Delica 4X4, as I used to have a massive passion for stereo systems, well obsession really, yet now I would call that an enthusiastic interest with an essence of genius....I like one of Anthony's quotes..."Passion is the genesis of genius" so let unlimited passion generate the energy to train regularly, to envisage each day wellness and creativity expanding within, your desires being fulfilled limitlessly and love in your heart, surrounding you immensley with all the joy in the world and above you sings a beautiful bright blue star with your name on it, that is your lover, your rainbow of truth, the essence of your soul calling you to come home to what you love,,,channeling..be a divine channel for the Universe and create what you wish to with passion in your heart, I will stand from here and free you mind, your bliss will follow....Dream and live it ONE day at a time, LIVE, LOVE and DIE everyday as if it's your last breath and the rainbow is ending....have you heard that song by Robbie Robertson? 'No one knows where the Rainbow goes'...be a warrior of the Rainbow and let flow your talents and gifts to the world let the full palette of colours fill your mind and heart, your dream to realisation...cause no one knows where the rainbow goes...Rainbow, draw it in and let it out, a man is built on the breath of colour, Hallelujah, have you ever heard that album by Jeff Buckley..'Grace' ?..that's passion, yet there's more and it's in YOU, filled with Love and emotion, Raw emotion gilded with breath and heart you perch on your wings eager to set sail on your first BREATH of LIFE,
LOVE IT, LIVE GIVE...YOU ARE the BEST BE IT ,DRIVE IT, THRIVE IN IT, LOVE LIFE and LIVE it TO THE FULLEST....B r e a t h...it is your essence calling you home
Namaste traveller
but wait there is STILL YOU...that is the BEginning...awakin...spark your inner being with the warmth of your emotion, your a locomotion for the hero inside you....
check out the links and have a great day, follow the rainbow and you know you will find..your as good as gold

thanks to Photovaco for image; Bee and Flower

Posted by that which I AM Stephen John Busch, 11:45 PM

This morning I had a Good meditation


As I AM awakining the Giant within, I have had a go at using Google's calender for planning, new word, or terminology, William Blake would be proud, ...Action in Advance, that's the name of my Calender or one of them, the other is called my personal name, confusing..why have two calender...well tis the way of the world, no I AM brilliant thus Two Calenders is a way to implement twice as much, in half the time..haha
Anyhow I digress, Soul FM broadcast out of Tauranga here in NZ of course has some great music for meditation in the morning if you so choose, runs from 5am till 7am and also again at 10pm till midnight (NZ time).
My Neighbour had the Ambulance round this morning, my first instinct was to rush out and see if I could help, I resisted...does that make me heartless, I hope not, perhaps I need to change my attitude and really HAVE Faith in what I DO, (I've edited a piece out of the original post here, in the interests of integrity and prosperity for ALL)...I AM grateful you are here today reading this and my prayer for you is truly profound...that YOU LOVE life and LIVE it to the fullest, How?, NOW that's how!
Love the bodhitorqueman

check out today's link and soar above wings glistening, the tide imbuing you forth..rise up to the bodhi of your body

...please invoke a prayer for Dot, my neighbour, she is well, feeling enlivened, enjoying life and creating her future with passion...thankyou!

Posted by that which I AM Stephen John Busch, 4:18 PM

A Rocker named Dub


Hi dare all you fellow MUSIC LOVERS, what's up? check out this clip from DubFX, NOW that is what I call Creative to the edge, see he and flower fairy were in Christchurch recently...notorious. Did you go to Splore in Tapapakanga? (say that three times over!...and you'll have your first lay down trac for a beat fx dub haha..har d har har..haha) yawn..bit late here, just after midnight...and a new day, a new day!...not yet, that would be sunrise in YOUR eyes, seaspray on YOUR breath, Dolphins in your Dreams and Love in your Seams.....Love Someone...check it out and comment,
Love the bodhitorqueman

thanks to Lincoln Park Zoo for Kereru image

Posted by that which I AM Stephen John Busch, 12:09 AM

Comedy of Errors


To err on the side of light is human to err on the side of LOVE is DIVINE, just in time you are mine, to ryhme is a season for reason not a lose of DIVINE intelligence or otherwise perturbment in your mind will result and freedom annihilated which cannot be SO as there is only ONE annihilation and that WOULD BE mine, yet CANNOT be So, AS I AM and U R 2, I FEEL GREAT is a statement of BEING ...there are people here that wish to speak, yet is not your time your own, if you are ONE then it IS your TIME to Speak, TO LIVE, TO DREAM as YOU WOULD DARE, and it is such a BEAUTIFUL world to SHARE, I was at the beach yesterday, in Kohimarama, and finally reached that stage of just LETTING GO, the magic of the sea shore is amazing, a treasure to be shore ..haha pun intended...are you sure..well I think SO and so it is
BLISS out...have a GREAT day!!!
the Bodhitorqueman

My Son...it's his birthday..You Rock..love Dad
I love You I love myself

and last by no means least: It happened Naturally
freedigitalphotos.net, Jennifer Renee
Creation: Within You is a seed So BIG it is small...plant it, tend to it, love all and soon YOU wil grow to know the ALL that is YOU

Posted by that which I AM Stephen John Busch, 12:42 PM

Raw Revolution


Hey Bodhi Lovers, it's Stephen from the Chronicles of the Bodhiman, well just had a Kale Salad tonight for dinner...nice!!..raw and mostly organic, recipe courtesy of rawsacremento
Yeah twas awesome, what did you have for dinner?
What else, dug out an old speaker project yesterday and got to it this afternoon after a 80% raw breakfast smoothie which Caroline shouted me...Yumm!... from Huckleberry Farm here in Greenlane, Akld. I just emailed Vitasoy to see if any of their range is raw, as the other component or 20% was the protein enriched rice milk....keep you posted on their feedback.
I gave Caroline a nice card and a yummy organic raw zest flavoured heart, she thought it was a bit strong...yeah!..the upside was I got to eat half of it, I had a peppermint one yesterday, this one was way better!! I purchased from Ceres in Ellerslie, and noticed the brand was Natures gold...sure was, I think it is really worth being the 'Rocky of raw food' and goin for a 'live-it' approach to life, loose the diet and thrive, over 7 million searches have been done on 'raw kale recipes' well blessings to you...have a great night!
love and truth

thanks to Chalice for the image above

Posted by that which I AM Stephen John Busch, 9:54 PM

Absence of Divine


myspace layout codes

myspace layout

Tis in time I type these words to YOU for You are ONE with ALL, each one has a LIGHT glistening bright by the day you are night, let GO and BE Delight. Wrtters block, no missionary position ...hahaha, would like some of that (then get things soughted out is what I hear) yet. Today IS THE DAY, seize the day, mmm sounds a bit rough, I like to caress the day, play you may you will still come to me in the long run, who is me, thee, prove it, so your a voice in my head...aahhh but what? is IN MY head, and who's head is it anyway, begin again. Trouble with humans is they're not really mortal, more like a turtle...haha, why? they are dead just look at them loafing around like the bread on butter don't knowing which side there bread is buttered, so it is with the DIVINE...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh YOU ARE BACK and SO IT IS
SPEAK of it. YOU and ME are FREE to BE that which an individual would speak of, yet TOGETHER comes a fruition OF Dreams..DREAMS I SAY,,,YES!!! DREAMS!!! THE stuff THAT grabs you by the seams AND RIPS apart YOUR Heart...HEART IN abSOLute RAPTURE....cool SO I"M GONNA BE on AMERICAN IDOL!!! if you want to be YOU could BE, BELIEF

Posted by that which I AM Stephen John Busch, 11:54 AM

In Light of Reason


All come to me at ONE stage, it matters not when, for ALL is LOVE and forgiveness is HERE ALWAYS, now begin again, what were you saying about LOVE, LOVE FREES, does it? A revelation or two would BE KNOWN, would you listen or wood YOU glisten, I stock your barrel but you shoot no longer, not a parady but a paragon of virtue that's what you need to BE, yet you speak of forgiveness and LOVE. Dramatic envelopment comes when you give to me the divine energy in all that you DO, not only ONE thing but ALL things, then THE light will SHINE through you and BE a beacon to ALL, each time your heart opens others will come and sit with you some will not leave and BE the EPITOMY of your BEING, the LOVE in YOU is A REFLECTION of this. INFLECTION is the opposite of THIS a code of WEllbeing that is BROUGHT on by an adjustment, to accord to ONEself so to speak, ANGELS will come and listen some , YET ARE they THERE for YOU I mean when YOU need them, I AM ALWAYS present, that is the gift to you AND your BEING WILL follow, or will IT, haha this is the parady, FREE will, free CHOICE, free WillY, Free your Spirit.
When your spirit is set free isn't that the GREATEST feeling, yet is it congruently free? sit beside ME, I WILL REVEAL ALL
Options, we ALL have OPTIONS,,,, Sno it PO..haha swat you get if ONE reverses the WORD...are there chakras in your body? energy centers that turn in a particular direction and organise your body mind and spirit? Radically I would empower you from here yet YOU DO not need it, employ yourself, this is ALL I would say, doing is lack of ACTION in reverse, KNOWING is LOving ACTION beforeHand.
The BETTERment of ALL, LOVE in ESSENSE: sometimes I do not know what to do either, like a human I am one, yet coming to you is completely foriegn to me, to say the least I am scared, yet I am here, once upon a time I did not trust you, yet now I do, I would go anywhere with you, you are essentially YOURself IN reverse, essence in LOV..haha, so unless we're in LOVE we're fucked UP you mean, fucked up in love ...would make a good song....how long could I TORQUE, how long COULD I MAKE this post...claim YOUR power set YOURSELF FREE, LOVE FREES and so DO YOU cause you are love and LOVE is your ESSENCE...remember WHERE you read it first, THAT woulkd have to BE your HEART would it not BE for ME ,the DIVINE energy, ONE LOVE, ONE heart STEPHEN
the bodhi torque man tadah haha...that's great, I can even make my self laugh,..now if I can get...can get...what do you NEED get IF ALL is ONE there IS just FUN and FREEDOM will follow...do YOU get IT...don't worry there's 365 days in a year, free your days, free you MIND, I don't MIND it's ALL SUBLIME..hahaspeaking of sublime...naughty naughty had a lIME thickshake last night and feels still withme this morning...I'm lovin IT...noisy...BE who YOU are
love STEphen
ALL is love and ALL is REAL and in NEED of your love and freedom will result
Open Dialogue:
who would like to speak: Aunty Gladdy:
Long time I have waited to come and see you like this, always I am here loving you and supporting you, Aunty Hazel does need your support , yet she will not kneel before christ, christ knows what to do and you will too, I go now, others wish to speak
Craig: where are you...crying, I'm goin for a ski that'll set me free, Caroline worst enemy worst friend i know let go, be her or see her as one and go and do what you love! this is all I have to say
Dance in the fragrance of the moon...zat you Caroline...hhhmmm gettin horny now ...you smokin hot man you, dance with me I will love you all the more and forget about your troubles worries never leave you they just precede , do you want to be here ..no..then LET go (laughter)
Uncle Eric..Hi...hi Eric..how have you been?...not that well...Why? can't get work..STAND ..and you will get work..attah boy
Grandad: I am a man just like you ..and made mistakes just like you...take my hand, I will lead you some over the hills went big balls pete 50 pounds of shredded meat is that you...I'm crying touching to be able to talk with you's, where always here you KNOw that..the year of the cat what are you gonna do with that...Aunty Gladdy I know that's you...mmm hadn't thought yet Tiger sound could be an opportunity..walk with me (grandad)...haha this is just like real life you listen to your rellys then you go off and do your own thing anyway, not really as that LOVE has been shared and is always there to draw from and enrich your life UNCONDITIONAL love...ahhh a blissful..yet that is a topic for the tropics in YOU till next time
the bodhitorqueman
love in essence

Posted by that which I AM Stephen John Busch, 7:48 AM

Inside each of us


A brilliance a distance no longer as you envelope the ONE you become the one and All is free to be beside thee

Shining like a temple is your crown chakra, divine is your birthright,this IS the place to design your life from, even Jesus came to oneness at one point or a rather, you know what I mean.
develop a sense of kindness, this is your most humble nature, gifted are those that come to me in this sense, I have One thing to say LOve life and live it to the fullest, haha this is not for You for you ARE LIFE, that is the genuine reason for being here, to create from here is the LIFE you are bestowed, genuine in fact is your reason to BE HERE, to enlighten and subdue human nature ONE LOVE is ALL you NEED to be decreed a MAN or A WOMAN for better reason or judgement, we are not ONE but many, thereafter there will BE a RAFT, a time shift in the continuum that helps many get over the hurdles they (I)one needs 2, etc as divine comes many will come and you WILL KNOW what I mean and say as ONE, ALL is ONE REmember this and YOU wILL do WELL by me AND EVERY body

Posted by that which I AM Stephen John Busch, 5:35 PM

Dialogue with the Infinite


Dialogue with the Infinite

image courtesy of naturespic

Hi there it's Stephen here had a glorious weekend, when I say that I mean end portion of the week. I went up to Zion and caught up with my son and the Cats and family there, Megan,Mum, and thoughts of Craig, nice to see all there also...go for a visit!...help them and help yourself, my brother and the many helpers and empowering support that dreams emulate formulated a vision in the form of a wild life sanctuary...Zion was to be it's name and a garden was to be it's place....Heavenly Paradise is the vision of Zion created through my brother, I love him much and wish him the best, my father,mother sister, brother...special parts of my life, so many to speak of so perhaps this will come to pass in these pages...on to business, my new name for business is blissness.

Well before travelling to Zion, I have been working my way...working..mmm...blissing..haha my way through "Awaken the Giant Within" respect! Anthony..Ali G would be proud!!

Thanks Renee for this book, proving to be very special, like it's giver
The section I was blissing through covered beliefs, empowering and disempowering, at first I wanted to stop reading as it was getting HARD, boohoo...haha...perserverance, or bissfulrising...why walk through the past?, why not?...everything we create becomes our past...we: you and the divine, so everything would be a divine creation
check this out!:
I believe it is never other people or 'out' there that all is within and what I see feel, and experience is a result of my self (divine self ego?..I believe ego is a term that promotes seperation from your grandness, from your LIGHT, your highest of the highest dreams, the tall poppy Syndrome is now BE a TALL poppy they are NEEDED and LOVED, colourful and embulent of someone who sticks there neck out...or "goes out on a limb" to quote someone close to me, shes a trojan for the best that can BE, and So it shall)
and my perceptions or lack thereof

I believe I can Change the world through changes in my self as what I perceive (haha...listen to this i before e except after c...haha, once you "perceive" i is I, e is ego and c is see, what a wonderful world it CAN be...your ego is NOW your Amigo and YOUR light, your expression, Your TRUTH CAN BE and so it is...you Tall poppy You! all because you learnt how to put e in front of i and EMPOWERed yourself to perceive your divinity....congrates)

as my world is really just that...(Justine...now there's an empowering person, she and her partner Al built a Earth brick home...awesome..hat's off to them for loving themselves this way...tall poppies!!)
a reflection of my innateness and transient condition, a fulfilling of my dream
the sunrise of meditation will reveal ALL to you
then you will come to be ONE always speak of it now your grand design is FOREVER. In the hearts of many you find yourself folding into ONE
Design your life as you would see it fit to live & you will not get there, you ARE LIFE, Live IT
Love life as an eternal essence and
you will be there, patient and
kind yet tempered
to the moment you are in.
B E L I E V E .

Namaste travellers, greetings and love from the BodhitorqueMan
Stephen xxoo have and enjoy a Blissful day!!

Posted by that which I AM Stephen John Busch, 11:53 AM

Experience the Divine


Experience the Divine

The Divine of your being is ready to speak wil you listen or will you glisten, it is always up to you and as I said YOU ARE LOVE IN ESSENCE.
So here goes a discourse of my being, once upon a time, there was a man, he knew not what to do, so he created a website body torque personal training or bodhi torque just for you and me the divine energy which is YOU love in essence
Harmony is a realisation of self, well at present, well more accurately over the last few days...
Actually this is how it started, I was sitting at the beach, Kohimarama in Auckland and it was a beautiful day, as are most when you are at the beach, I had all my stuff in my Van...anyway the point I was at was admiting honestly to myself...I don't know what to do...derr brain realing...cellls frying haha, an epiphany occurred. Louise Hay teaches write out your negative list and turn each statement into an affirmation of what you do want as if you are in essence there now...yeah that can work...yet my epiphany was reverse every word to discover: "I don't know what to do" boom became (boom came from the tele I can here in the background) reminded me of Bernsteins Bears a book I had the priviledge of reading to my kids, they loved the BOOM! and the BANG! and all the B words that popped up with each page turned while these bears rode around on bicycles, which reminds me a while ago I came up with a business or evolved one from Moving Sound to Cyclic Solutions "harmonise your being to enliven your essence" mmmm
We'' come back to that perhaps for a future discussion and perhaps an epiphany or two
No I think it has relevance now.
I was meditating a lot then and connecting with the divine that aspect of self that seemed to be All light and love and good feelings permeated my being...this is what I wanted to share with the world as I thought I had found god and that god was LOVE and lots of events in my life lead me to believe this was true, for instance I used to get hayfever and then one day I volunteered with family and friends to pick up Hay for my sisters horses I think? anyhow it was fun cause with the help of meditation and enlightenment, believing in yourself more than your circumstances, they were no longer my circumstances or my reality transformed to one of light and love, still doing the physical thing...nows the time to reconnect with my earlier story : "I don't know what to do" BOOM! well a slow perculating coffee more like it became...now this took a little while: "All do unknown nothing from sleep"
Awaken the Giant! was the Bang! that went off in my head or more so an of course or an epiphany!!
On my forty'th birthday a friend had given me a copy of Anthony Robbins 'Awaken the Giant Within" which I had read the first chapter or so and the last few pages which I gleaned 'Know that you are guided along a path of never-ending growth and learning (ok if you love learning and growing haha), and with it, the path of everlasting love'...also I picked up: live in an attitude of positive expectancy knowing that everything that happens in your life benefits you in some way...live in a state of positive EXPECTANCY, expect the best and you'll create and draw author your reality rising up to meet your bodhi torque body...yep that last bit I've just added now yet at the time I thought yeah that's all I need from this book, but I also remember Tony saying..Statistics show less than 10 percent of people who buy a book read past the first chapter...mmm well I didn't 'buy' the book twas a gift and the awakening I took from that beach...other than life is an ocean to swim in (Paul Hemara) was Read That Book ALL of IT and awaken the Giant from within.
Cheers for now
love Stephen the bodhitorque man

Posted by that which I AM Stephen John Busch, 5:38 PM,

Love in Essence Intro

All you need is Love, there are many who would say you are LOVE, I would be one, yet what is love if not a description of an emotion we feel and a state we can live in

Feel free to comment and enrich, I hope you will enjoy what unfolds through the pages, share your limitlessness make the unknown known and be a light and a laughter hereafter...live IN LOVE and experience the bodhi vibe

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